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Story Discontinued

Hello Readers!

It’s me, I know, long time no see. It’s been gosh…four years since this story was last updated with the last post being Season 10 – Episode 08: Power of Love on January 12, 2012. And even though there is that gap in time, I am always getting notices from WordPress concerning new readers, new comments and questions as to whether or not the story will continue.

I tried making the blogs private here (just a day ago) but in doing so it prompted several requests to be added to the private readers’ list. I wanted to say to you all how grateful I am that you’ve found this story that entertaining and want to continue reading it. However, it has been four years and, sadly, it is very unlikely that the story will be picked up again.

I did enjoy writing Desired. And I honestly can’t remember why the story fell by the wayside and I deeply, deeply apologize to everyone who was left with unresolved questions as to the fate of the characters. But I did want to make it clear that the story will not be continuing. I wouldn’t even know where to begin honestly. There were so many different things happening with so many different characters it would take a while to figure it all out and to even remember the ideas I had for it. However, I’ve found that nothing stops a determined reader so I have removed the “privacy” setting so that you may continue reading and re-reading as you wish.

I have continued writing. In fact I have several active stories which include another vampire tale involving a homicide detective solving supernatural related crimes in Cold Blooded. Other supernatural stories include Beauty, the story of a girl cursed with good looks and a beast cursed with everlasting life (this is a completed story). One that is currently going is After Midnight. It’s the tale of rock star werewolves and their battle for survival.

If you enjoy police procedurals (or non-traditional Federal agents as it were) you may also want to check out Codename: Danger. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and because of this I do a yearly tale specific to the season. This year’s is a continuation of last season’s zombie story called Outbreak. My other works in progress (unpublished/unreleased) are The Chameleon, an assassin with a heart of gold. Knight Detectives, a story that follows the offspring of the main characters from Codename: Danger, and The Fallen, a supernatural tale about angels and demons.

Again, I’d like to thank you all for reading and tell you how much I appreciate your interest in my work and for those who wanted to continue you reading, please do.

Thank you,

~ Daijah