S8: Chapter 03: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I watched Chris enter into the building before walking back towards Vincent.

“Hey!” Drake called behind me again.

“Drake,” I smiled.

“Can we talk?”

I looked over at Vincent and he waved me off before hopping behind the wheel and driving away.

“I guess Vincent thinks we should. Can I get a ride to work?”

“Of course baby,” he led me to the car and opened the door for me.

He slid into the driver’s side and sat there. “Zoe, I’m sorry about everything that’s happened between us and I wish I could take it all back. I love you and Chris and I am just hoping you’ll forgive me and come back. It’s been four months honey; how much time do you need?”

“Drake I want to be home with you. But I can’t trust that you won’t resort to your old ways and endanger CJ. We still have no idea what triggers your attacks on me and I’m not bringing him back into that.”

“If I can figure that out, will you come home?”


“Will you at least think about it before you answer? I can’t keep going without you, nothing makes sense anymore.”

“I’ll give it some thought, Drake. But you really have to show me that these random attacks are done and there can’t be anymore hidden deals with demons!”

“I can do that! I’ll win you back, Zoe,” he smiled and there was a glimmer of light in his eyes as he started the engine and backed out of the parking lot.

He pulled up to the building and stopped in front of the door.

“I’ll try and drop by later today, we can talk more then?” he asked.

“That’ll be fine baby,” I smiled at him. “I love you Drake.”

I pushed open the door and he grabbed my arm bringing me into him and kissed me.

His arm draped across my waist and I gently rubbed his leg as his tongue playfully rolled around mine.

I let off a low moan and he responded by pressing deeper into me and kissing me harder. 

“Mmm, I have to get to work,” I said pushing away.

“Right, work,” he smiled. “I love you Zoe. I’ll see you later.”

I rushed inside and avoided the main room hurrying down to the painting area.

I dropped my bags in the corner and set up my supplies to begin work.

Giovanni joined me shortly after. “What? You forgot how to speak?”

“I’m sorry. I’m incredibly late I know and I just wanted to get in here and get started.”

“You ok? You seem to have quite a bit of things going on right now.”

I ignored him and continued setting up. “Zoe?”

He walked over and grabbed my arms, “Zoe? Stop. Relax. I’m not going to fire you. You’re fine.”

I looked up at him for the first time. His hazel eyes bore into my soul and his smile was just as warm and welcoming as it always is. “Do you need to take some time? Get yourself sorted out?”

“No. I don’t want to do that. I’d rather work. I have to keep busy or I’ll really go crazy.”

“Well just take a breather and relax first.” He let me slip from his arms and I slumped into a chair at a nearby table and he joined me.

I looked over at him, “Good morning, Giovanni.”

“Whoa! You DO remember by name!”

I laughed.

“And there’s that beautiful smile. Feeling better?”

“A little, thank you.”

“Would you have lunch with me later?”

I nodded. “Yes. But it may be really late; I was hoping to finish another of the pieces today.”

“Well just say when you get hungry. Until then, I’ll try and outlast your appetite,” he smiled as he exited the room.

Drake entered into Karver’s brothel. He was surrounded by naked and half naked concubines fanning him and performing various sex acts.

There was a couple in the hot tub, two on a nearby swing and more on the bed obeying other instructions Karver fed them.

“Drake! You have what I’m after?”

“No, I need to know something about these powers you gave me.”

Karver widened his gaze and waited for Drake to continue as one of his whores took a seat in his lap, stroking his hair and pecking his cheek.

“The fire consumes me at times and causes me to attack Zoe, why? I thought I had the ability to control that energy at all times.”

“That has nothing to do with what I gave you. Your inability to maintain the balance in your own body is because you’re not focused or just don’t have what it takes to control them. Maybe I was wrong giving you that kind of power.”

“So you have no idea why I randomly go after her? This isn’t some secret plan of yours that you can trigger when you want?”

Karver smirked. “Perhaps you have some underlying hatred for your wife that only manifests when you use the fire. What’s the report on Evelyn? Have you managed to figure out what she’s up to?”

“I’m working on it, Karver. And I don’t hate my wife!”

“If the promise of sex isn’t working for her, take her to the chamber. I don’t mind hearing her yell in pain!”

“Evelyn’s smarter than that. She gets off on torture, so I have to be one step ahead of her to learn what’s happening there. And I’m NOT sleeping with her.”

“I’ve mentioned that I’m not a very patient man, right, Drake?” he looked up at the girl in his lap.

“You wouldn’t want something to happen to your loving wife if I were to become bored, would you?” he asked snapping the neck of the woman sitting on him and tossing her dead body at Drake’s feet.

He approached him. “She’s running out of time, Drake,” he grinned

Drake grunted as he exited the room and Karver smirked at his reaction.

I called Vincent as Giovanni and I left the restaurant letting him know I’d get CJ. Gio drove me to pick up Chris before taking me home.

There was a glass vase on the stoop with a bouquet of roses and a bear holding a few balloons. I smiled as I read the tag: “With all my love, Drake.”

I caught Gio’s curious glance.

“They’re from my husband.”

He nodded and politely smiled.

“Did you want to come inside?”

“Sure, I can for a little while.”

“Make yourself at home.” I led him to the living room before taking Chris to his bedroom.

“Mommy’s going to make you something to eat, play quietly for me baby,” I left the door open as I headed for the kitchen.

“Are you thirsty, Gio?” I called for him.

“No I’m fine,” he answered, joining me in the dining room. “So how are things between you and your husband?”

“Less strained. We’re slowly repairing our relationship.”

“So you’ll be moving back in together soon?”

“I don’t know how soon ‘soon’ is. He still has to prove that our son will be safe around him. I can’t risk his well being because I miss having him in my bed…” I stopped myself realizing what I was saying. “I’m sorry, Gio.”

“It’s fine Zoe, I understand urges.”

I let a nervous laugh settle between us as I continued preparing Chris’s dinner. I turned my back as I poured the blood from the pack into a bottle for him and taking a small sip before placing it in the microwave.

“Is he the reason you were late this morning?”

I nodded. “He stopped me as I was leaving Chris’ school so we could chat about everything. I don’t mean for what’s happening with us to affect my work life, Giovanni. I’m just having a bit of trouble trying to adjust to being a single Mom.”

“Well from an outsiders’ opinion,” he said stepping closer. “I think you’re doing a great job. Chris is a very lucky little boy to have a Mom like you.” He brushed a stray lock of hair behind my ear and smiled. 

Drake stepped into the room from the tree outside. “Daddy!” Chris yelled running up to him.

“Shh,” he said pressing his finger to his lip. “Where’s Mommy?”

“With the man.”

“The man?” Drake felt a twinge of anger mixed with jealousy before returning a smile at his son.

“How’s my little man doing? Are you taking care of Mommy?”

“Ah course! I’m the man of the house!”

“You are? Then what does that make me?”

“A Daddy!”

Chris laughed and took Drake over to his activities table. “Look Daddy!” he said showing him a picture he’d drawn for him.

“Is this for me?”

CJ nodded. “Thank you. I’ll treasure it always.”

“It’s Mommy!”

“Then I’ll really keep it close to my heart.”

Drake heard my footsteps in the hall, “Don’t tell Mommy I’m here,” he said as he dashed for a dark spot in the closet.

I opened the door and found Chris coloring at his table.

“Hey baby,” I said leaning in for a kiss before handing him a bottle. 

“What have you for me today?” I sat on the floor and looked through the papers he’d colored on. “Ooh these are beautiful, Chris. I think you have my talent for art!”

He laughed. “I paint at cool!

“You do? Do you want Mommy to buy you some painting supplies for here? We can do it together! It’ll be fun.”

“I paint lots ah pitchers!”

I stepped towards the open window and looked outside before closing it.

“Mommy? When’s Daddy coming home?”

His words pulled at my heart but I gave him my strongest smile as I turned to answer. “Mommy and Daddy just need a little vacation from each other right now.”

“Was Daddy bad with magic?”

“Just a little, sweetheart. Mommy wanted to make sure that you wouldn’t get hurt.”

“Am I going on bacation for using magic?” he asked with a pout.

“No, Chris, never. Mommy would never send you on vacation! But I do want you to stop using it at school. Bad things could happen if people learned our secret! Do you think you and I can keep our magic a secret from others?”

“Our seekwet,” he giggled.

“Our secret,” I smiled tickling him more. “Finish up your bottle; we have to get you to bed.”

“Zoe?” I heard Giovanni yell from downstairs.

“Mommy will be right back to check on you.”

I exited the room and left the door cracked a little so I could listen out for him.

Drake stepped back into the room and played with Chris a little longer.

“What’s up, Gio?”

“I’m gonna get going. I’ll see you at work tomorrow? Bright and early?” he joked.

“I’ll be on time! I promise,” I smiled.

He bit his lip and kept his eyes on mine. I broke the stare down nervously glancing at my feet. “Good night, Zoe.”

“Good night, Giovanni.”

I picked up the card again from the bouquet and read as I went back to check on Chris.

I’ve roamed aimlessly for several hundred years unable to get close to anyone,
afraid of opening myself to loss.
I watched you grow; I watched you laugh and I fell in love with you.
I never intended for anything to start between us, but I feel truly lucky that it has.
When you look at me, your eyes say so much and I forget how to speak.
When you kiss my lips, I lose myself and I get weak.
I’m anxiously waiting the day that you return to me,
because without you, I don’t know who I am.
With all my love,

I smiled as I walked into CJ’s room and found him in his bed asleep. I sat on the edge of his bed and watched him as I caressed the card in my hand. “Daddy may be coming home sooner than I thought, baby.”

Drake stood in the closet smiling as he watched the scene unfold.

Giovanni was staring at a picture from a company picnic. He’d made it a point to hire a photographer to capture images from that day for a newsletter.

He’d also ensured he got a spot right next to Zoe during the group shot. He stood looking at her image. Her face, her bright hazel eyes always drew him in.

He rubbed his finger across the picture and smiled.

“You do know she is married right?” a man spoke behind him.

“What are you doing here?” he placed the picture back on the shelf. “How the fuck did you get in?”

“I have my ways friend.” The gray haired man stepped out of the shadows with a smile. “What are you doing here Giovanni? Is this really how you want to spend your retirement? Chasing a married woman…excuse me, Vampire, around town?”

“Don’t look at me like that and don’t presume you know anything about me or Zoe.”

“I know that black eye you’re sporting from her husband had to be rough. I also know she’s the exact thing you hunt.”

“Hunted. I’m retired, remember?”

“Right. We’ve all heard that before. Why are you even concerned about her?”

“She’s different. She’s not like others of her kind. Her husband on the other hand, he’s one to watch out for.”

“Well I hope you’re not expecting her to leave him for you. Those creatures create lifetime bonds. They have to since they are around forever; like cockroaches.”

Giovanni approached him with anger in his eyes, “What the fuck did you want?”

“I came to invite you back into the fold. We’ve been slowly regaining resources to get our operation back up and running. The mission never changed. Those monsters all need to die and you were our best.”

“Well you’ve wasted a trip, I’m not interested, GET OUT!”

The man turned to leave. “You know Gio, you’re playing with fire. If you’re not careful you WILL get burned,” he tossed over his shoulder. “Tell your little friend to watch her back.”


14 responses to “S8: Chapter 03: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

  1. OH NO! Was that a threat on Zoe’s life?!!
    That old man is playing with fire if HE thinks he is going to do anything to Zoe! Gio…sexy. Figures. I wonder what made him retire though. He shows so much compassion for Zoe. He fell so easily! I wonder if this the first time he has fallen for a vampire.

    Drakes letter made me smile! Sorry but a man that actually takes the time to write his feelings out for someone shows that they truly mean the world to them. And he is trying! He approach that cold piece of work Karver about it which too, shows a lot!

    He just broke her neck like “Meh, they’ll be more whores.” I actually cringed when I read that!

    Poor Zoe, there are threats on her life from everywhere!

    P.S CJ is so FREAKIN CUTE!!! I want to just eat him up!!! Trade…for chicken boy?

    • Yes it was! Gio won’t stand for that but he is getting his feelings over Zoe so twisted it’ll be hard for him to keep his old life from hurting her. He has had a change of heart from the reasons behind joining the hunters that ultimately led to his quitting as well.

      Drake is such a wonderful husband and he is trying to show Zoe just who she married and hopes that it’s enough for her to take him back. He was upset when CJ mentioned “the man” being in the house but instead of rushing down to bust heads, he stayed calm and stayed with CJ because he doesn’t want there to be any ill feelings between him and Zoe.

      LOL Chicken boy HAHA I’d trade ya! D makes me laugh 😛

  2. Ouch, my poor heart can’t take this. Somehow I thought that was the end the hunters in Season 6? Damn, why Gio? Why did you have to be so HOT. Retired or not, the fact that he’s a hunter and he didn’t tell Zoe, that won’t fly well with her or Drake. Oooh, I can’t wait for this one! Plus Drake already has it in for him, now he’ll have the perfect excuse to rip him apart. Go Drake! I better go find my cheering skirt and pompoms. It’s going to be a good one, I can just see it.

    Aw @ CJ, trying to put in a good word for his daddy. Smart boy!

    I hope Drake finds out soon what causes him to go atomic like that. Must be a scary feeling for him, not knowing when the next episode will happen or who he’ll hurt.

    Nice seeing Vincent back off and give them the time they need to work on their relationship.

    I can’t wait to see Drake and Gio face off, I’m on the edge of my seat. Hurry Dj, hurry with the next one, hurry with the season finale! LOL.

    • The hunters reappearing is a way to get Brad and Sarah’s relationship a little face time. And Gio has a great reason for becoming a hunter in the first place but also a valid reason why he decided to retire. LOL Drake will rip him apart; Vincent may have a hand in it also! Zoe will try and be a bit more civil and learn his reasons first…but keeping the two males off her boss is another issue in itself!

      CJ hates seeing his parents apart and he’ll try his best to keep him around until he gets his Mommy to cave and let Daddy come home again.

      Drake is working on what makes him go nuts and attack Zoe because right now, that is the only thing keeping the apart. If he can figure that out, he can have his family home again. You’ll see his determination to get that information in the next few chapters though another surprise will sidetrack him slightly.

      Though it hurt Vincent to drive off he knows what Zoe wants and his love for her will only seek to keep her happy. He let her know that he was still an option and for now he is happy with that…for now.

      LOL Drake and Gio will make for an interesting battle. He told Zoe he let Drake beat him up because he didn’t want to scare her so we’ll see how he really swings a fist once they do battle!

  3. That letter Drake wrote to Zoe was so loving! How can she say no to that.
    CJ wants his daddy back!

    Gio is a vampire hunter falling for a vampire. He picked the wrong one this time! I hope Zoe nips things with him soon.

    Another great chapter!

    • It is quite hard to resist a man that pours his heart out like that! (Was it creepy he was still in the closet…the silhouette made me giggle).

      Zoe will let Gio know in the next update (I think) that he needs to back off with his intentions because she won’t leave her husband for him.

      Thank you!

  4. Awwww, Drake. He truly does want to make up for the crap he put Zoe through.


    There is always one vampire hunter falls in love with a vampire = Sarah + Brad/ Zoe+ Gio. BUT ZOE IS MARRIED. I’m so hoping all ends well

    • Drake is absolutely on the road to get his wife home again! If he had it his way she’d be in his arms at this very moment. He will try any and everything he can to win back her trust.

      CJ I cannot get enough of…I really have been putting off on aging him but…alas it’s bound to happen (and soon). Hopefully his cute and gentle mentality will carry over to childhood!

      The hunters are constantly after the vampires, their lives intermingle so often it’s no surprise feelings can change for their breed. But you know what they say about pooping where you eat 😛

  5. Gio seems to be sincere about being retired. Even his warning about Drake was almost more concern about Zoe than actually hunting Drake. But that freaky awful old man! He definitely threatened her.

    Karver is a nightmare. Breaking that woman’s neck like that and just stepping over her, and there’s ANOTHER threat to Zoe. Poor thing, she’s surrounded by them.

    CJ is adorable! And that poem Drake left Zoe…so romantic. I hope he figures out why he can’t control himself, and I’m not so sure Karver doesn’t really know.

    So sweet and romantic and yet so scary!!

    • Gio is sincere about his retirement. His reasons for taking a step back and the fact that he now has love for the very thing he hunted will provide insight into his mentality. His old partner is a huge threat to the life he is now trying to create though, but hopefully Gio will be able to stop him from harming Zoe or anyone else around her. Zoe is under attack from every angle at all times. She can never get rest from the many demons and goblins at her door!

      Karver has figured it out but he won’t say anything because he put Drake on a mission. He needs him to gain information and retain control of those in his realm.

      CJ is innocently plotting to get his parents together again though there is only so much he can do at his age since he really doesn’t understand why his daddy isn’t home right now. He will continue his art, and his next piece will prompt a reaction from Zoe.
      Lol thank you 😀 the sweet and romantic I’m never good with but the scary, I love writing!

  6. Aussie Karima

    ~ My oh my! He is aVamp hunter & he has fallen for a Vamp!(I was wondering if he knew what she was!)
    ~ Gio is hot though!SMEXY!!!
    ~ I wonder just how long the seperation will last with them both unable to keep there hands of each other!!!!!! 😉
    ~More, more, more! I’m loving the tension!(“,)

    • He knew before he hired her what she was. He made sort of a hint at that when she said he isn’t aware of many things about her, his response “I may surprise you” was him trying to let her know he was hip to her lifestyle.

      Drake and Zoe are “separated” but don’t seem to understand what that term means. They yearn for one another and simply cannot stand to be away from their lovers’ touch for too long.

      Ask and ye shall receive 😀

  7. OK, OK. Drake is slowly winning me back. At least he finally seems to realize he has a problem with trying to kill his wife, and they say acknowleding the problem is the first step, right? (man, that’s messed up)

    My Vinny…so noble.

    CJ worried about “bacation” – OMG what a sweetie!!!

    Gio. So hot. So tasty. So toast.

    • YAY! I’m happy to hear that 😀 but that note is nothing compared to what’s coming. Yes he does address the issue and sadly it came late, but he is working on repairing the damage he caused.

      Vincent is the consummate gentleman with Zoe though he flirts like a playboy, he only wants what’s best for her and what will make her happy even if he has to see her smile brought on by someone else.

      His pout was too cute I wanted to use the other angle but went against it because of the way the wall angled but he is such an Angel I love him so much! He is plotting to get his parents together again!

      Giovanni is heading towards another ass whopping when Drake and Vincent learn his secret!

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