S7: Chapter 13: Primal Fear

Allez-vous bien = Are You Well?

Je suis désolé, oncle = I’m sorry, Uncle

Vous perdrez = You will lose

Weeks had passed and I was on edge everyday stressing over the war and what was going to happen to Christopher. He was using magic more and more for basic everyday things. I allowed him to continue learning on his own but I kept a close eye on him to ensure there was no risk. Mom’s words worried me and I was afraid for him. But he wasn’t the only one acting strange.

 I watched Drake sleep. I tried reading him to see what was happening in his dreams but he’d blocked me from peeking. His thoughts were consuming him and his dreams were becoming violent in nature, similar to the ones I experienced with Zavier. It got to the point where I could no longer share a bed with him.

 One night, he began choking me. His hands were ablaze and he was burning me. It took me teleporting to Chris’s room to get out of his hold. When I came back to the room, he was sound asleep.

 I hadn’t told him yet about his episodes of sleepwalk violence. He has unimaginable strength and speed and seems to acquire a new power every day.

 Last Monday I discovered he can telepathically move things. I found him changing CJ’s diaper without ever touching him. Like something out of Disney’s Fantasia, there were flying bottles of powder, boxes of baby wipes and a dirty diaper depositing itself into the trash can.  

 When I asked him about it, he simply smiled and said he too was learning as Christopher.

Despite Mom’s strong beliefs that Christopher could not handle source magic, I continued training him. He was my heir to the magic and he needed to understand everything about them. I watched again as he tried to figure out uses for many summon spells he could produce.

My phone rang as Drake joined us in the magic room. “Hello?”

…“Hey Zoe…” Maggie’s springy voice greeted me.

“Hey Mags! How are things in Riverview?”

…“Quiet I’ve been busy though planning my wedding…!” she enthused.

“That sounds great! What are your ideas?”

“Well,” I heard her voice echo behind me. I turned to find her standing in the magic room and stared in disbelief at my phone.

“How did you do that Maggie?”

“Do what?” she asked turning to face me with a shocked look, the phone still attached to her ear. “How did I get here?” she asked finally realizing where she was.

“That’s what I’m asking you!”

CJ started giggling and I turned my attention to him. “Chris? Did you summon Aunt Maggie?”

He hopped up from the floor and ran towards her with a smile.

She picked him up and hugged him tight.

“He’s learning summons and was playing around. I guess hearing your voice on the phone prompted a meeting,” I smiled. 

“Well it was sweet of him, he just wanted to see me again,” she nuzzled her nose into his neck. “Hello Drake, your son is very smart.”

“Yeah, he takes after his Mother in that department. But looks, that’s all me,” he pat his chest. “How are things Maggie?”

“Going great thank you! Danny and I are doing well, he makes me happy. He’s encouraging my learning more about the family’s magic, though he shies away from it at times when he hears me chanting. Still, he’s trying and for that I thank him.”

“That’s good news. At least he is giving you room to grow. I’m going to make CJ a bottle, Ladies,” Drake excused himself.

We walked out to the sunroom and took a seat on the couch; Chris sat bouncing in her lap as she spoke. “So about this wedding! I was planning something outdoorsy. I’ve always wanted a traditional white wedding ceremony in a nice church in Riverview somewhere, but the more I thought about it the less likely that idea becomes.”

“Aww, why is that Maggie?”

She looked at me with a smile and I quickly picked up on her sentiment. “Because I’m a vampire?”

“Honestly I don’t know how it works, demons and churches, I just assumed it was a no-go.”

“Frankly, I’ve never tried, Mags. I’d hate to be the reason you can’t have the wedding of your dreams!”

“It’s no problem, Zoe. I’m your big sister; I always have to bend to the baby’s needs! So instead, and I know there is a sun issue here, I was planning something along the Riverview Waterwalk.”

“Now sun I can handle. We have a large tolerance, so as long as we don’t have to stay outside baking for more than three hours, we should be fine. But, we can always feed to replenish ourselves for another three.”

“PERFECT!” she yelled. “Then the pier it is! Oh I wish Chris had brought the magazines and things I was looking in, I’d found this gorgeous wedding gown by that French designer Moreau; it was to die for!”

Hearing that prompted CJ to search for Maggie’s request; I looked over at him to ensure it was the magazine, not the dress.

He understood and retrieved what she was after. “You’re ok with him using magic like this?”

“I had to warm to the idea, trust me. We’ve been under constant attack from demons and magical entities of just all different makes that finally I figured he should be able to protect himself from the people coming after him.”

“They’re after Chris?”

“Long story short, he’s a mixture of white and dark magics that makes him a very powerful child and everyone wants him, just as they’d been after me, to use him and gain his powers or turn him for their purpose.”

 “It sounds like you’ve really had your hands full!”

And if by giving example, there was a loud crash from the front of the house.”Wait here. Chris, watch Auntie,” I rushed out to the living room to locate the source of the noise and found nothing out of place.

I backed away to return to the living room and was met by Drake. His eyes were glowing red and his hands encompassed a small fireball. He smiled wickedly as he locked on my gaze.

“Drake?” he didn’t respond. Calling his name only seemed to agitate him and the ball of fire in his hand grew bigger.

Not again, I thought slowly backing away. His eyes followed my movements and before I could reach the door, he’d sent the blaze soaring towards me.

I ducked and yelled for Maggie and Christopher to lock the doors and stay back there. “Drake, please, hear my voice, it’s Zoe, your wife. Find me baby, come back.”

He paused in his chase of me and growled. The sound he emitted from his belly was unlike anything I’d ever heard before. The noise sent things crashing to the ground and I realized this must have been what I’d heard the first time.

I darted towards the door and exited to the front yard, Drake was right behind me. “Baby, if you can hear me, I love you, and I’m sorry.”

I summoned up the source and prepared myself for a showdown with my husband. I feared what the results would be, but I didn’t know how else to stop him.

He produced yet another ball of fire and steadied himself for what I was going to react with. I found the pipes in the ground for our water line and broke the earth to reveal them.

He smiled and levitated himself so the water would not reach. “Two can play at that game.” I increased the height and flow of the water and Drake responded by throwing his flame at my head.

As I readied myself to dodge it, he too came crashing towards me, knocking me to the ground. I hit my head on the pavement and became dizzied.

He was quickly on his feet above me. He grabbed me by the hair and threw me against his car, his mouth curled in a sadistic grin as I winced from the pain he sent surging through my core.

His grip tightened around my throat and his nails dug into the flesh on my neck. “Drake, please,” I begged him.

His hand was clenched in a hard fist and I shuddered knowing at any moment his hand would connect with my face.

He didn’t even blink. I tossed him towards the house and stood up. Our last encounter proved binding spells useless, but I called on one anyway in order to distract him for a moment.

While he worked on releasing the bind, I grabbed my cell and dialed Monty informing him about Drake before turning back towards the man I’d married. He was free; and he was not pleased.

The entire ground around him became ablaze and his body was now full on flames. The puddles of water that had accumulated on the ground were evaporating from the heat instead of choking out the fire.

A bat landed softly on the ground behind him and Monty appeared in his form ready to work. “How do you control this?”

“I don’t. This is the second time this has happened. The first time Vincent got Chris and me out of the house, I have no idea how he was cured.”

“What can I do?”

“Distract him; he breaks my binding spells and I can’t cast while dodging his attacks. I need to be able to get this power isolated inside of him.

Monty nodded and immediately started in on Drake. He turned towards his Uncle and with speed began launching fire at him. Rows of flames went careening down a lane at Monty and he skirted between the infernos. 

I moved towards the house. I grabbed a piece of paper, wrote Drake’s name on it and took a seat in the doorway.

“Spirits that destroy by flame…”

I heard Monty yell and looked up. Drake had caught him with one of his casts and he was now on fire and burning fast.


“Keep going! You have to stop this, Zoe. I’ll be fine!”

I reluctantly agreed and went back to casting.

“Spirits that destroy by flame
Banish the fire in thy name
Fight the fire with the same
Cure the havoc heal the pain.”

I watched as Drake’s eyes returned to the soft blue hue and he fell to the ground. Monty had put out the flames and approached him.

“Allez-vous bien, Draco?” Monty asked kneeling next to him.

“Je suis désolé, oncle.”

“Vous perdrez,” he looked at me and Drake got to his feet.


“Don’t say it, Drake. What’s happening with you?”

“It’s something Karver did. The powers he gave me are too old for me to control completely. I’ve had to feed more just to keep up.”

“Then stop using them. Don’t let them control you. It’s just like what you told me about my source, baby steps.”

He buried his face in my shoulder and held me. “I won’t let them take me again,” he pressed his lips softly against my neck.

“We need to get you in check. With this war coming any day, we can’t afford for you not to be at the top of your game, Drake. Chris is depending on you.”

He turned his back to me as he thought. “I’ll find Karver.”

“I’m coming with you, Draco,” Monty said walking towards him. 

“That’s not wise, Uncle.”

“Zoe has to care for your son, there’s no way she can see you through this and I’m not letting you do it alone. You need someone to support you.”

He stopped protesting and the two left to the Pit.

I returned inside to find Maggie trying to soothe Chris’s nerves.

“He won’t stop crying, Zoe! I don’t know how you do it.”

“Chris sweetie, Daddy’s fine and Mommy’s not hurt,” I spoke calmly to him.

He laid his head on Maggie’s shoulder and wiped the tears from his eyes. “Are you kidding? That’s it?”

“He has a connection to us that allows him to feel everything that’s going on. He just needs to know we’re safe and he’ll be fine.”

She kissed his forehead and he returned the gesture. 

“Now let’s find out what Daddy did with lunch.”

We walked into the kitchen and I found the bottle sitting on the counter. I quickly warmed it and gave it to Chris as Maggie continued her thoughts about the wedding.

“Would it be cheesy if I went with a nautical theme? I mean since I’m looking into having it at the Pier, it would be fitting right?”

“If you are having thoughts of putting me in some sailor’s uniform or something, let me stop you there with my objection!”


I smiled. “It’s your day, Mags. Whatever you want to dress me in, I’ll do…I may hate it, I may complain, but I’ll do it.”

My phone started buzzing and I pulled it from my pocket to check the ID. “It’s Drake,” I said to Maggie before walking towards the door to answer.


…“Zoe? Zoe it’s time…get Chris, they’re coming…!”


6 responses to “S7: Chapter 13: Primal Fear

  1. First reaction…Oh shit!
    Drake is becoming more and more like a zombie and it’s scary! I need something to happen! A witch doctor or something to come and fix him!!! Monty’s warning scares me too! I don’t want Drake to lose her but I see it! There is only but so much one can take! Living with someone who zones out and snaps in their sleep can’t be easy! I fear for Zoe but I know Chris won’t let anyone near her…but Evelynn! SMH!

    How cute is it that he brought Maggie over to snuggle and talk to Mommy? He is so freaking cute!! I just want to kiss him!

    Where will Zoe go? I am so scared for them!!!

    • Zombie? The magic is definitely controlling him, but there is a reason behind that (revealed next season). He’ll soon come to learn that he bit off more than he could chew.

      Monty is trying to keep Zoe aware of what’s happening. She’s been too blinded by the “Stand by your man” motto that her marriage and family are spinning out of control.

      Drake is getting darker and darker as his powers consume him, he needs to listen to his wife as Zoe eloquently put it and “Stop using them”. If you can’t control yourself, you let it control you!

      He ran to his Aunt so he didn’t have to get in trouble also! Zoe questioned him and he ran for protection lol

  2. Holy Crap! How many times will he try to kill his wife? And now the war is here and she’s supposed to fight on his side? How can she trust him? She can’t. She’s in as much danger from him as from the demons they’re fighting! Off to read more!

  3. Ok, am I crazy or how completely strange is this, that Drake, who loves Zoe but is losing control, is out there trying to kill her, and thank god that didn’t happen, and there’s Maggie inside looking at wedding dresses. And chatting on about them once poor Zoe manages to bring her husband back from zombie land. I think I would have hit Mags with the magazine!! I love their relationship though. It is so completely real!!

    • LOL there is definitely something not right there! But that will be explained soon! There is a method to the madness 😀

      Maggie haha she is embracing her magical side finally but she can’t help but try and stay normal. It’s what Zoe wants for her anyway since she knows the pain of having to deal with monsters everyday!

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