S7: Chapter 12: The Fallen

Drake was gone again when I awoke. CJ and I had been working in the magic room all morning. It wasn’t because of Karver, but a deep sense of foreboding I had about our current situation. I wanted…I needed Christopher to be as strong as he could. He was always trying to protect me and everyone else around us, so it was time I started letting him.

I watched as he cast magic freely. His face was beaming as he created a teddy bear army and explored the depths he could reach within the source. Still he was unable to fully control it in its entirety, but watching him try and knowing that the demon blood in him prevented him from pain, I let him.

“Are you sure this is wise?” Mom asked appearing in the room.

“You’ve been watching us haven’t you? You see the constant threats to your Grandson? To me? He needs this Mom. I need him to be able to control himself if anything ever happened to me.”

“Men cannot be trusted with this type of magic, Zoe! It’ll corrupt him! Look at what he’s doing!” she said noticing the army was now dressed like him; he’d created clones of himself in bear form and crowned himself king.

“It’s cute! Is that why you were begging me to have a daughter? Mom, Chris is your Grandson; give him a chance to learn.”

“It doesn’t matter, Sweetie. Men consume themselves with power and it eats away at them until they get to the point where the craving to have more is the only thing driving them. Chris will be no different. And I can only imagine what the added demon traits would do.”

“I can guide him Mom! I can keep him on the right path!”

She started flickering. “I can’t stay, I just wanted to try and talk sense into you. You must take control of the source and use it yourself. You can’t let him do this, Zoe. Please, trust me on this.”

“They’ll be his if I die Mom. I can’t change that.”

“Just try…” she said as she vanished.

My head was pounding. I rubbed at my temples as the situation weighed heavy on me. Demons from every corner, Drake working with the ruler of all evil, Mom pressuring me to have a child and Chris in constant danger, it was enough to drive me to kill.

“I believe in you baby. I have to.”

He got rid of his summons, walked over to me and asked to be picked up.

I scooped him into my arms, turned out the lights and walked into the kitchen to prepare him a bottle.

It started getting darker outside; clouds; a low overhanging encircled the house. I checked the time, 11:15am; I moved closer to the door and stared out the window as the bottle warmed.

Out of the corner of my eye I caught movement. Whatever it was quickly approached the door and the handle began turning. I jumped back as the cloaked figure popped up in the window.

Chris immediately slammed the door shut and I rushed over to lock it. “Not again.” I turned off the warmer and ran to check the other doors. Ensuring they were all locked, Chris and I stood in the middle of the living room and waited.

From the front window I could see a gathering of people. The house was surrounded by men in dark cloaks. I sat Christopher on the floor as I frantically dialed Drake. “Answer please, baby.”

“We want the boy! Send him out and we’ll leave you alive!” I heard a deep, raspy voice announce from outside.

I looked at him as I realized that next shoe had finally dropped. This is the beginning of what Karver is after, I was sure of it.

“That’s not happening! Leave now and I’ll let you live!” I replied.

I saw an immediate response as they all descended upon the house, banging on the windows and doors trying to gain entry. I quickly grabbed Chris and headed upstairs.

I ran towards the bedroom and was grabbed from behind.

“Witch! Hand over the boy!” her face was partially covered in strange markings and her eyes were a bright yellow glow.

I threw her up against the wall as I rushed forward with CJ. I locked us into his bedroom and summoned up protection. I focused on the one that was just in the hall, tightening my grip around her.

I started squeezing the air from her lungs; I could hear her choking just outside the door. She gripped at her throat as the last of the oxygen released.

Her corpse fell to the floor and the others with her quickly rushed to the door, trying to pry it open.

Chris moved towards the window. “Baby!” I yelled grabbing him back. “You’re not going out there! Are you crazy?”

He started crying and I watched as a few of the hooded men moved closer to the house. “We have to get to Daddy, Chris. Can you make that happen?”

He stopped crying and looked at me. For the first time his intense blue eyes gave way to red sending a jolt of fear through me. “No…”

Before I could protest, I was standing in Karver’s throne room staring at Evelyn whose sinister smile only heightened my fear at this moment.

“Welcome Back,” she sneered.

I turned to exit the door but it vanished as I neared it.

“You won’t leave this room until Karver tells you to. Your…child teleported you to safety and you can thank Karver for that as well.”

Chris jumped from my arms and walked near the wolf at the throne. Macbeth and Midnight watched as he played with the animal.

I walked towards him and was cut off by Evelyn. She circled me taking in my scent as she continued to speak. “Did you enjoy the way he handled you? Drake I mean. Did you like what he did to you? I can smell it, the intense lovemaking. I taught him that, you’re welcome,” she grinned again.

I let her words echo in my head before raising a hand and slapping her hard across her left cheek. “You don’t want to fuck with me right now, bitch,” I said moving towards Chris again. I felt her claws rip through my shoulder.

I turned and tossed her off before charging and tackling her to the ground. We rolled around on the floor trying to gain dominance over the other before I was on top of her punching her as hard and quick as I could.

She shrieked and kicked me off before coming at me with as much ferocity. Her razor sharp nails aimed for my face and she tried to scratch the flesh from my cheeks.

I kicked at her, connecting to her midsection and dropping her again, the wind was knocked out of her and I stood above her slamming my foot harder into her side.

Unrelenting, I pulled her up by her hair and slapped her again; quickly my hand balled into a fist and I sent it crashing into her jaw.

She blocked my next movements and sent a high kick to my face.

I stumbled backwards and she came at me, her claw hooked into the side of my jaw and ripped a mark across my cheek.

Instantly blood began to pour from my wound and I grabbed at my face a little before rushing back towards her. I gripped her tight in my hands and slammed her against the wall. Her wing bent backwards and she screamed in pain. I noticed her agony and ripped at the feathers on her injured appendage.

She again pushed me away and tried to mend herself. I tossed her to the ground and levitated her before sending her crashing to the ground again.

“I’m going to kill you!” she yelled as she got to her feet. 

The door opened behind her and Karver approached taking her by the back of her neck and slamming her into the wall.

He glared at me before turning back to her. “You know what’s about to happen now?” he growled in her ear.

“I’m sorry My Liege. I got carried away,” she begged.

Without another word, he teleported her somewhere and where ever she landed wasn’t good. I could hear her blood curdling screams echoing through the halls.

Karver approached me and took my face into his hands. “She got you good. Hellfire,” he said offering me his wrist.

I looked at him in disbelief. “I’m not drinking your blood.”

“If you prefer to live with the scar, that’s fine. It’s not going to heal any other way.”

I accepted his blood and felt the searing sore on my face begin to vanish. 

I stood again to face him, “What the hell is happening? Who were those men, Karver?”

“Malachites,” was his one word answer.

“That’s a mineral, not a person.”

“Wrong. It’s how I like to refer to the group of Malachai’s followers, the ones that have fallen from my grace. Many have sought to destroy me and all have failed.”

“Who is Malachai?”

He didn’t answer; he only smiled before approaching his throne and throwing himself in it. His gaze went to Christopher playing with his wolf. “It’s surprising they bond like that. Phenrir hates everyone, I made sure of it.”

“If your wolf bites my son, I’m having him for dinner. Now stop avoiding this Karver! If you expect me to prepare Chris for something, I demand to know what it is!”

“You’re so pushy,” he smirked. He stood and approached me. “Your son is being hunted by Malachai because he wants to own my realm. Malachai and Zavier started a revolution; they contracted many demons underneath me and from all over the realm. It’s a push for my throne I should say, one that thanks to you and Chris will not take place, I’m ensuring that.”

“So you want my baby to prevent some pack of demons from dethroning you? You created them Karver, why don’t you just kill them?”

“If it were that easy, they’d all have been destroyed years ago. But everything as always is connected. While I can’t do anything to stop them without hurting myself, Chris can and Chris will when the time comes.”

“What assurance can you give me that he won’t be harmed? That he won’t be killed or hurt during this…war?”

“He has my blood in him; he is strong enough to handle them. Now you know,” he grinned. “How is his progress?”

“Full. He can handle source magic without repercussion. What makes them think they can take over your throne?”

“Every 100 years they try for my throne, Zoe; everyone wants to be the King. I’ve always been able to quell the uprising though. This time it was different. This time, Zavier had found your Mom, you; he had you under his control and during that time, he gathered up my enemies and planned to overthrow me.”

“What happens every 100 years?”

“You ask too many questions, you’re going to end up asking the wrong one and you’re not going to like the answer. Stop while you’re ahead,” he glared at me.

“Fine, I’ll stop. Where’s Drake?”

“Busy,” he stopped. “That was another question. I want you to stay here with Christopher. I’ll send him to you when I can, but for now, sit tight.”

“How long are we going to be here? I need to feed him.”

He looked at me then to Chris before exiting the room.

I walked over and took a seat near CJ. “You like the wolf baby?”

He smiled as he hopped on his back. “I take that as a yes.”

Hours passed and I was becoming restless. Chris too had fallen asleep and I held him in my lap.

The door reappeared and I heard it open.

“Dah dee,” Chris said sitting up and running towards him.

“Did he just say what I think he did?” Drake asked picking him up.

“He called you Daddy,” I confirmed.

“Oh, that’s my boy!” he hugged him tight and kissed his cheek before bringing me into his arms for a kiss as well.

“Chris needs food and I need to know when this will all be over.”

“There’s a small mutiny starting here, baby and I just learned that from someone I finished extracting information from.”

“I know, Karver mentioned it. There’s a push for power; everyone is after his throne. He said he wants Chris to take care of those threats; that was his purpose of me training him.”

Drake looked at me before sitting Chris on the floor. He held me close and whispered in my ear, “How are you feeling about this?”

“I think you know the answer to that, Drake. I can’t even think straight. I just want this over now.”

The door opened and Evelyn entered inside.  She was in her human form and followed by Karver. He grabbed her arm and pointed her to a chair behind his throne; she took a seat and kept her eyes diverted from me and Drake.

“I need Chris to stay here tonight,” he announced. “I’m not asking and I’m not in the mood for any complaints,” he looked at me. “He stays.”

“Then I’m staying. I’m not leaving him here exposed to whatever you have in store for him.”

His face warped into the beast from the Nanny cam and he charged at me. Drake jumped in front of him before he could reach me.

“I’ll take care of her.”

“Handle it, Steele, before you become a widower!”

Drake approached me and whispered softly, “Go home, Zoe. I’ll stay with Chris.”

“Drake I can’t do that. I can’t leave him here…”

“I’ll be with him every step baby, you can’t stay here. You won’t be able to.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Trust me please. Just leave. I’ll have him back as soon as we’re done here.”

A tear fell from my eye and I nodded my compliance. Chris hugged me before Karver cast me out.


17 responses to “S7: Chapter 12: The Fallen

  1. LOL Zoe kicked her ass! She played dirty and went for the wing! HA!

    Poor Zoe! I am happy that she got answers…some but not happy about what they were. So that’s why he is so important to Karver. He is his shield. Karver can’t kill those demons he created without destroying a part of himself with each one so he needs Chris to do it so he can retain his power? WOW

    I understand how she must be feeling! It’s hard to leave your baby behind and when you know he has a purpose such as that, ten times harder! I wouldn’t be able to leave my baby either!

    Speaking of baby, Chris protects her from everyone else but he just kept playing with the wolf during the cat fight! TOO FUNNY!

    • LOL Zoe wasn’t playing when it came to her man! She did try and warn her not to try 😛

      Yes, you can call him a shield, there is still some missing elements though. CJ is basically a clone of Karver; he instilled in him the traits necessary to defeat the demons coming after him. The reasons the demon wants him is because he is a CHILD clone of Karver, meaning they can use him to defeat Karver and since he is still so young, they can manipulate and control him as they please. So if the demons were successful in capturing Chris, no one would be safe, including Zoe and Drake for surely they seek to kill his parents first. Karver is indeed trying to keep those powers by using Chris, and a little something more.

      She really didn’t want to, even hearing Drake explain he’d never leave his side. But Zoe just kicked someone’s ass for him, so she wasn’t about to say you know what? I don’t trust or believe in you and give Evelyn more fuel for her pursuit of him. So she once again yielded to his instructions.

      Yeah! LOL Jason noticed that too BUT when the fight started the moment she hit Zoe, he turned and started watching as a “just in case” you can see that in one of the pictures. He knew Mommy could handle the bad lady, he felt her emotions. But she’s a girl! He’s not supposed to hit girls 😛

  2. Christopher already has so much power, I can’t imagine what the next few lifestages will bring.
    I’m concerned that Zoe’s mother is so concerned but it seems that Karver’s plans have been set in motion and with the Malachites threatening, I can only hope all the adults know what they are doing and Christopher will be okay.

    • YES! Karver has instilled much of himself in Chris add that to the Vale source and you get uber baby! This is enough to make Grandma Vale fear for their family’s magics, but will it be enough to stop what’s coming?

      Zoe for one definitely has Chris’ better intentions in mind. Drake has been about protecting his family always, but it was his actions that caused this whole mess. Hopefully soon he can start to make up for his past sins.

  3. I’m glad Zoe showed Evelyn that she was not going to let her keep making those snippy comments. I wanted to smack her too! Will Karver’s blood effect Zoe?

    Christopher must have realized that his mommy wanted to take care of the bad lady herself. I hope Zoe’s mom is wrong about Christopher. Both his mother and father are basically seem to be good people. I hope he takes after them.

    I hope Drake appreciates the faith Zoe is putting in him, leaving her son. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens to Christopher.

    • HAHA Evelyn had to get schooled and Zoe told her to stop before resorting to violence. I guess she should have listened 😛

      Great point about Karver’s blood, though she only drank enough to heal herself, he had a purpose behind his request…

      Chris does have the best parents for the job, he should remain on the path to good. But with negative vibes and demon traits, it’s hard to say for sure what will happen for him.

      Drake has been oblivious to some of the looks and warnings Zoe has given him. If he continues to mess up, she may have to put her foot down once and for all!

  4. SO. MAD. AT . DRAKE. The danger, the curse he put his son in! Loved seeing Zoe kick that bitch’s ass! I was sorry to see her come back – I was hoping Karver dispatched her permenantly! (maybe next time…)

    I’m glad to see her mother pushing her to have a daughter – but there’s something her mother didn’t mention, and I’m wondering if it’ll cross her mind…what if she DID have a daughter, but not with Drake??? No risk of demonic possession, all Vale Witch with Zoe’s Vamp powers, too. Hmmmm.

    You KNOW who I’d pick… (ducks flying chairs)

    • Drake is beginning to regret his actions but those thoughts are too late to save CJ unfortunately. He will try to make up for his mistakes.

      Maybe next time He does have thoughts about her soon, you may get your wish. Though she is his right hand…

      Zoe’s Mom has asked her right from the start to have another child. She’s not comfortable with Chris being the sole heir and would love to have a Granddaughter. She though isn’t thinking about how that is making little Chris feel…

      Maybe she causes him to slip over the edge with her negative feelings!

      HAHAHA I won’t throw one at you Not sure about the others though! Vincent and Zoe’s baby is still alive and well in another of my games…she’s a beauty she is. And it’s quite an interesting thought

  5. ~ Hmm! I see! 😉
    ~ Don’t mess with that family,under threat,they kick ass!
    ~ But how to get the family safely through,this,is hard to fathom!I do hope they ALL make it in one piece! & I do see why,a daughter is needed if Drake is anything to go by,& he has only a touch of that power!
    ~ loved it it kicked booty!LOL!(“,)

    • Yes! They are always ready to hop into battle LOL except where Chris is involved, Zoe would much rather he remain neutral.

      Another child would help diminish CJ’s powers, but there is another event that will do that very thing also coming soon. Grandma would like to have another heir though, she refuses to listen about Chris’ potential!

      LOL thank you!

  6. ~Let me guess, Jilly………………………It starts with a V???????

  7. mothers know best zoe! she better take to head what her mom has to say.
    i would have died if i saw that person just staring at me through the window of my door. creeper…
    ah yes! im glad zoe was able to fight evelyn. that woman has too much mouth on her for her own good. zoe should have just broke her wings off rather than plucking feathers.
    i hate how they can only ask stupid karver so many questions before he throws a fit.
    next time drake makes a deal, tell him to brake out the glasses and read all the fine print.

    • Too true! Laurie has seen enough to know that power corrupts men and she doesn’t want her family’s legacy to end because of the first male witch born into the Vale bloodline!

      Drake didn’t concern himself with the finalities of the deal and that’s where he went wrong. He thought he could take things at face value and get to his family. But it wasn’t what he thought and now they are in more trouble than they have ever been before! He needs to stop making deals period! Nothing ever works out from that. (Well except living 200+ years and meeting the love of his life).

    • HAHA I thought that was creepy too! I wanted to show her scared look but him standing there was a better shot

      Evelyn and Zoe are far from done! This woman has it out for her husband and Zoe won’t sit by and let her get her “claws” in him again! Zoe was fighting dirty going after her injury, she’ll do a lot more than that if Evelyn doesn’t back down!

  8. I’m slowly catching up again!

    Zoe’s mother kind of fried me with that advice about men. That’s a little boy sitting there, not a monster, no matter what her history did to her or what she’s seen. I hate HATE Evelyn! Somebody please scratch that bitch across the face and make her really ugly!

    I know Zoe has to trust Drake with Christ, but that had to be so hard, to leave him there in middle of all that drama and danger.

    And I adore the teddy bears and the way he dressed himself as ‘king’. That’s perfectly normal behavior for a small child.

    Loving this!!!

    • You are so right! Those were some pretty harsh words about her innocent little grandson. The fact that he was sitting there listening makes it worse because who knows? Maybe she’s the reason he ventures into the dark side with the lack of faith.

      Evelyn lol she is a bit of a trouble maker, but her time hasn’t come…yet.

      Zoe really did not want to leave but she had to get out of there before the badness began. She out of everyone in that room was not consumed with hellfire and there was no way she’d have been able to stay as they went over everything.

      I thought that was cute too LOL and it was normal! He was exploring ruling his kingdom (though that had undertones concerning Karver wanting to make Chris the ruler of the Pit in his place…the scene with the throne played into that.)

      Thank you!

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