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We got to Bridgeport pretty late. I picked up Christopher and got back to the house. Monty dropped me off and left for a hotel and I took CJ upstairs to rest.

I watched him sleep for a little before my eyes got heavy. I gave him a quick kiss and hopped into the bed. Hours later, I felt Drake’s arm wrap around me. “I’m glad you’re home,” I whispered.

“I’m not for long. I just wanted to check on you and Chris,” he said kissing my neck and turning me completely on my back to face him.

I rubbed his cheek and watched his eyes grow more lustful with every stroke. “You know you were amazing today. I’ve never seen you so controlling before,” he pressed closer into me and I could feel his throbbing desire grow. “It was a huge turn on.” He leaned down to kiss my cheek and I picked up on his thoughts again.

“Chris is…”

“Sleeping; if it bothers you that much, we can go downstairs.”


“I’m taking you, one way or the other,” his eyes glistened as he lifted me from the bed.

My eyes lingered on Chris as we passed him and Drake gave me a gentle nudge, a reminder that he would be ok, and led me to the door.

He led me down the stairs and through the house with his hand clasping mine, spun me around and greeted me with a hard kiss the second we neared the dining room. Like a battle between good and evil, he pulled back and looked me in my eyes, the beautiful blue flashed red then back to blue before he pursued me again with a passionate but urgent kiss. I moaned against his tongue as it caressed mine while his hands roamed my body, fondling every inch of it.

His left hand slid smoothly up my stomach and out of nowhere he gripped the center of my bra and yanked it from me in one swift motion. “Drake!” I moaned with excitement. He pressed his body against mine as he walked me further into the room until I felt the rounded edge of the dining room table against my back and arched against him. Drake lifted me onto the table, kissed a fiery path down my neck before his hand ran up the back of my neck and into my hair. He pulled my head back to expose my neck, trailing the other between my legs while he taunted me with his fangs.

“Drake…” I whispered with anticipation, waiting to feel the surge of pleasure and pain rip through my neck. Drake forced my head up until our eyes were leveled; his red eyes stared at me with more lust than before. He let go of my hair and held my nipples between his fingers squeezing harder and harder with his eyes locked on mine. My eyes rolled with pleasure, my head dipped back out of reflex. “Look at me!” He demanded applying more pressure until I did as he said.

“Don’t take your eyes off of me, Zoe!” He commanded and watched me as he pulled his shirt over his head and lowered himself between my legs. The sensation of his tongue and fangs against my inner thighs was unbearable. I needed him there and now. “Now Drake,” my request went unheard. He was taunting me, arousing me to the very state he was in and succeeding.

He stood and pushed me further up on the table. His left hand spread my thighs roughly, and he ripped my panties from my body. His right arm wrapped around my waist and he brought his lips to mine, flicking his tongue against my lips.

He smirked and I felt his finger slip into me. His mouth pressed tight against mine again and he bit my lip a little. He rubbed in and out of me quickly and I started nearing my climax. He stopped suddenly and smiled, “Not yet.”

He kissed me once more before pulling me to the edge of the table. He knelt before me again and ducked his head between my legs. The moment his tongue touched me, I felt the first of many orgasms rip through my body. I grabbed his head as his hands held me hard against the cold glass table top, his fingers left marks on my thighs. My moans deepened as his tongue licked across my sensitive spots. He closed his mouth around me and sucked a little. His head shook feverishly and his tongue flicked across me just as quick sending tremors through me; he was driving me crazy and I felt another series of pulsations. My body was throbbing and I needed to feel him inside me.

“Drake?” I called for him again. It was almost as if he couldn’t hear me or was fueled by the mere sound of my voice. Each time I said his name his hands gripped my waist tighter, the skin around his fingers turned red with the increasing pressure. He inched his way back up to my mouth with eyes as red as my flesh and a smirk was displayed across his lips. He undid his buckle and dropped his pants as he roughly pulled me to the edge of the table and onto his hardened length.

I dropped my head back and bit down on my lip to hold back the loud moan that was sure to wake up CJ. “I said look at me!” He pulled out slightly and slammed hard into me. “Now, Zoe!” He repeated the action harder than before. I forced myself to look at him, my eyes heavy with lust as he drove himself deeper and harder into me with frenzied movements. I began to rock my hips against his following his rhythm but he stopped me and held my hips firmly in place. I could feel the heat from his fingers and hips burning into my flesh. “Don’t do that. You’ll come when I want you to.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck and felt him push forward with more force. His hand reached up my back and gripped a handful of my hair pulling my head back so my eyes were once again on his. “Make me say it again and you’ll really pay,” he growled flashing his eyes at me.

He backed away from me and gripped my wrist, guiding me down from the table. He kissed me, his tongue entangling mine. Slowly he pushed me to my knees until my mouth was inches from his arousal. “Suck it,” he ordered. I took him in my hand and slid it up and down his length. The veins throbbed underneath my touch as precum settled just at the tip.

I licked at it, tasting him and watching as his head fell back. He moaned as I continued jerking him all the while rolling my tongue across his manhood. My lips enveloped his swollen erection, my tongue running slowly along the soft flesh of the head before I swallowed him more into my mouth.

He put his hand on the back of my head and forced himself deeper down my throat. “Yeahhh baby,” he sighed as he thrust himself at me. His grip tightened as he gathered a handful of my hair and quickly fed himself more into my mouth. His movements increased and he groaned as his shaft slid across my tongue, forcing my lips apart with purpose. He stopped, loosened my hair from his hand and withdrew himself from my mouth.

He pulled out the chair nearest his right leg and grabbed me up by my arm and pulled me into his body. His hands squeezed my hips tight as he sat under me and slammed me hard into his lap. “Drake!” I sighed feeling another orgasm burgeoning between my thighs. He quickly pulled me forward and his fangs sank hard and deep into my neck.

I jerked and writhed, winching in pain and pleasure as I rode out the intense tingling sensation that started in my lap and jolted up my body amassing in my neck. He held me in place; his muscles were taut against my waist. His tongue danced around the opening his teeth pierced into my neck. I ran my hand through his hair as the pulsing started to subside.

“I love you, Drake.” He pulled back and kissed me. “And you’re mine forever,” he said as he picked me up. His hands buried deep into my thighs. “Bend over,” he whispered against my neck. He clutched my hips again, still in full control of my body. He was punishing me and my body was shivering from the onslaught of sensations.

“Do you want me?” he asked as his placed the tip just on the edge of my thigh. His erection rubbed across the dampness he’d created between my legs, teasing me with entry again before he pulled away completely. I moaned as his games aroused me more, the heat from his hand on my ass caused thoughts of what he was about to do to flood my mind. “Yes,” I whispered almost to myself.

“I don’t think you heard me, Zoe. Do you want me?” he repeated tapping himself on the softness of my leg before brushing against the soft patch of hair, milking his desired response.

“Please,” I begged my voice desperate and quivering as my craving for him heightened. He pulled my hair and arched my back in one fluid motion as he thrust himself deep inside me with force. His hips pounded into mine, pushing me into the table and creating a soft banging sound on the wood floors.

I pushed back onto him pumping his throbbing member as his sounds of ecstasy became louder, more frantic. He pushed me flat on the table as his pace increased and he grinded his hips deeper into mine. My muscles constricted and I gripped the edge of the table tight as another set of tremors flooded my nerves. I felt tiny pin sensations threading through my veins as I came again. Drake leaned forward onto me thrusting deeper. He placed his hand on my back and I pulled up just a little and accepted his seed. He continued humping me vigorously as wave after wave he released into me.

He dropped onto the floor and pulled me down on top of him. We lay in each others’ arms spent and enjoying the slow return to normal. “I love you Zoe,” he kissed me and I brushed the wet hair from his forehead. “I love you too.”

He got dressed, picked me up and carried me back up to the bedroom. “I have to get back to the Pit. I just wanted to tuck you in,” he said kissing me once more before he lifted off the bed and disappeared.

I awoke the next morning to find CJ was not in his crib. Panic immediately set in as I jumped from the bed to find him. “CJ?” I rushed through the hall and down the stairs. “Baby where are you? Answer Mommy.”

I stopped to smell the air, hoping to catch a scent; but the house was filled with his soft baby aroma and I couldn’t determine which was fresher. “Honey, please, answer Mommy!” I checked the living, dining rooms and kitchen and found no CJ.

Finally I heard his giggle; upstairs, I rushed back towards his room and threw open the door. He and Karver were sitting on the floor casting magics. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Checking in on you two. I’ve stolen your husband and I know there are still threats looming near. I just came to ensure Christopher was fine.”

“Chris and I are fine; we don’t need you popping in here!” I scooped him up and walked near his changing station.

“He’s already been changed and fed.”

I turned back towards him, “Fed? What did you feed him?”

He turned his neck slightly to show me the fresh bruise on his neck. “His jaw has quite a powerful grip.”

“You fed him demon blood?!”

“What else would he have had? Human? Rat? My blood makes him stronger and he needs it, that’s the reason I snuck in here every night.”

“You son of a bitch! Get out of here Karver!”

He grinned as he neared me. “Keep training him! The time is drawing nearer now that we have Zavier! He’d better be ready or there will be hell to pay!”

He disappeared and I sat CJ on the ground and checked him over, grateful that he wasn’t hurt but pissed nonetheless. That’s what he was doing at 3am every night? Feeding him? It explained why his ravenous blood lust only developed late morning/early afternoon, he was sated by Karver.

I grabbed my cell and dialed Drake. He had no idea about Karver’s presence in the house, and unless he wasn’t telling me something, we still had no idea what he wanted with CJ in the first place.

I got the answering machine.

I paced the room a little before turning to Christopher who had started summoning his play things again. “Do you want to visit Vanessa a little?”

He got to his feet and ran at me with a smile, holding his arms out for me to lift him. “I take that as a yes.”

I got dressed and we headed off to Sarah’s.

Drake withdrew the spindle from Lily’s arm and dropped it to the floor. The ground beneath her was soaked in her blood and he fully intended to drain more from her worthless, deceitful body. “Don’t pass out Lily,” he said slapping her a little to wake her. “We’ve only just started today.”

Zavier could do nothing but watch as the love of his life was made into a pin cushion and healed fully before he started in on her again. Drake began humming as he grabbed a new toy, one he’d personally crafted to inflict maximum damage on vampires in particular.

He walked over to the table to examine his options. “This I call the Sanguine, it helps to increase pain while using another tool in conjunction. The tip is pear shaped and designed to pierce the flesh and expand as it enters your veins. It’ll make the flow of blood backup in your system sending tiny bubbles to your heart that’ll create a large explosion inside of you. That’ll cause the blood flow to dramatically increase while one of my other little friends here provides you enough discomfort to make you scream.”

“Does Zoe like this new you, Drake? As I recall, she is adamantly against torture,” Zavier sneered from his cage behind him.

“Sounds like Zavier wants me to hurt you more, Lily, tell him to keep talking because I can do this all day.”

Lily looked over at him, a pained expression on her face as Drake stabbed her with a hot poker in the ribs. She screamed and Drake marveled in the sounds she was making.

Karver walked in and stood near the table again to watch. “How are we coming along?”

“We’ve moved on to metal. I was getting bored with the splinters, though she didn’t seem to enjoy feeling them under her fingernails, did you Lily?”

Karver laughed. “Your wife and child are fine and CJ’s powers have grown tremendously over the past two weeks.”

Zavier scoffed. “He has no idea does he? No clue about what you’re planning, Karver.”

Instantly he was on top of him, tearing his nails into Zavier’s throat, anger in his glowing red eyes as he watched him squirm in pain. “I don’t recall asking you to speak.” His grip tightened as Zavier’s eyes bulged from his skull. It became apparent that if he didn’t release his grip soon, Zavier’s head was going to pop free of his neck.

Drake turned to them as Karver removed his hand. “What’s all this?”

“None of your concern…yet. Get back to work, I want Zoe to be able to get here soon,” Karver snarled exiting to his throne room.

Chris and I got to Sarah’s and found Brad waiting at the door. “Brad?”

“Zoe! How are you doing?” he made a move to hug me but had second thoughts catching Christopher’s gaze.

“I’m doing well, thank you.” I saw his look at CJ. “I’m sorry about what he did. He’s very protective.”

“I noticed,” he smiled. “But I’d never hurt Sarah, I love her.”

“Is she not in?”

“She is she does this. She thinks that if she waits long enough I’ll go away.”

“That’s a little…”

Sarah opened the door with a smile, “Zoe! Chris!” she said stealing him from my arms. “Hey handsome, are you back to cause more trouble?” she blew on his stomach and he laughed, grabbed at her face and squished his mouth to her cheek.

“Hey! He’s stealing kisses!” Brad expressed.

“But they are so sweet,” Sarah replied. Chris turned and looked at him with a smile.

“Come in,” she said leading us to Vincent and Vanessa in the living room.

“You again?” Vincent said looking up at him.

“Vincent,” Brad nodded at him.

“You know what? Let’s get this out of the way.” He stood and approached him. “I don’t like you, I doubt I ever will. The only thing I see when I look at you is what you did to my daughter and for that, I want to rip your head off. But Sarah sees something in you; she saved you from me. But let’s be perfectly clear with each other, regardless of how she feels about you if you do anything, anything at all that causes Sarah or Vanessa pain, you won’t live to the next day.”

Brad again nodded his understanding before taking a seat across from Vanessa playing on the floor.

“Zo! Great seeing you out and about, where’s your worse half?”

I pointed down before smiling. “We found Lily and Zavier and he is taking care of them now.”

He motioned for me to sit. Sarah placed Chris on the floor and he immediately rushed to Vanessa. She handed him a toy and they played quietly together.

“How was he when you watched him? Were there many attacks?”

“No, there weren’t any,” Vincent replied with a gloomy expression. “You tricked me into believing I’d get some action, Zo, that’s not very nice.”

“Nothing happened?”

Sarah shook her head agreeing with Vincent. “The only thing out of the ordinary was Chris attacking Brad and making Vanessa float.”

“He levitated your daughter?” I asked looking at him.

“He was in full control and they were both laughing,” Vincent jumped in defending him. “He’s part of your magics, Zo, you can’t expect him not to explore.”

“Now you sound like Drake. I anticipate him exploring, I just want him to use caution. Now what if something happened by his magic that could have only been undone by magic? You two wouldn’t have been able to stop it.”

Just as I said that, Chris was levitating Ness again. “CJ?” I called to him.

She giggled and he placed her back on the ground with a small sigh.

“Loosen up, Zo. Let them play,” he stood and took my hand and walked me into the kitchen.

“Why are you so stressed? I smell fear radiating from you.”

“It’s this thing with Karver. His deal was for Drake to find Lily and Zavier and now that he has, I’m just worried about where we’re going next. I know he isn’t done with us, it would be too clean. Just like what happened with Zavier, I’m just waiting on the other shoe to drop.”

“And this thing with Chris’ magic?”

“Karver keeps telling me to keep him trained for something. That makes me very nervous.”

He stepped behind me and rubbed my shoulders. “What did Drake have to say about it?”

“Nothing; everything he told me concerning the deal, none of it really deals with Chris except the demon traits.”

“Are you sure he told you everything?”

I nodded enjoying his grip on my shoulders. “Thank you, Vincent,” I said pulling away.

“Why don’t you give Drake a call, see what’s going on? If those knots in your muscles are any indication, you’re not going to feel better until you do.”

“You’re right.” I grabbed my phone and dialed him.

Drake’s phone rang and he placed torture on hold to answer it. 

“How’s Chris?”

…“He’s fine, when are you coming home…?” I asked with desperation in my voice.

“Did something happen? Is Chris ok?”

…“He’s fine, Drake! Why are you so concerned about him right now? Are you coming home or not…?”

“Of course, give me ten minutes. I’ll see you soon,” he said hanging up the line.

“I’ll take it from here until you get back. Don’t keep Lily waiting though. I’m growing used to her screams.”

I left Sarah’s to beat Drake to the house. Vincent had me wondering if Drake had indeed let me in on everything. I was pacing in the bedroom with CJ following my steps. 

Drake came in with a smile. “Are you ok?”

“Yes, I’m fine. I just didn’t want to stay here longer without hearing from you.”

“I was taking care of Lily and Zavier.”

“And we need you to take care of us now,” Chris walked up and hugged his leg and he picked him up and tickled him.

“You smell horrible!” I grabbed Chris from his arms.

He leaned over for a kiss and I pushed him away, “Uh-uh, shower first, then we can interact.”

He laughed as he made his way to the bathroom; he finished his shower, changed and headed back to the bedroom.

 “Can I have my kiss now? I washed behind my ears!”

He held me close and Chris pushed at him to get his attention. “I think someone’s jealous.” 

He picked him up again and threw him in the air.

“Drake, what’s going on? The thing with Chris?”

“The only thing I know for sure is you’re needed soon to drain Zavier. He wants me to torture the two a little longer and I’ve been having a lot of fun to be honest.”


“Sorry. I’m gonna get back and you should get ready to join us soon as well.”

I nodded. “When this is over?”

“We’ll be done,” he smiled.

“Then please hurry. I’ll take Chris back over to Sarah’s and meet you.”

Drake returned to the Pit and saw Karver had cut out Zavier’s tongue. He tossed it along with a few other organs in jars on the table near him. He smiled as Drake approached.

“There you are. I’ve decided to move things along, I’m getting anxious.”

“Where’s Lily?”

Karver nodded in her direction. She lay bruised and bloodied in the corner and wasn’t moving.


“No, you can have the pleasure. I on the other hand will enjoy ripping this one to shreds,” he said as he continued tearing pieces of flesh from Zavier and listening to him scream. “Music to my ears!” 

Drake walked over to Lily. Her battered carcass drew a smile from him. “I’ll make it quick, Lily,” he said.

He grabbed a knife from the table nearby and began stabbing her repeatedly. The blood quickly covered the floor beneath her as she began to fade. 

He knelt down and flipped the blade in his hand and with a precise, saw-like motion, he removed her head, her screams finally ending as the last of her flesh ripped from her neck. He walked over and placed it on the rack for Zavier to see.

He stood over him watching as he writhed in anguish realizing his love was gone from the world.

“NOOOOO!” Zavier’s scream was muffled but sent the pain he felt across the room just the same.

“Don’t worry, Zavier, you’ll join her soon!” Karver responded. “Is Zoe ready?” 

“She will be; she’s going to take Chris over to a friend and join us.”

 “Good! Though I am saddened this beautiful pain will end for you, Zavier, I’ll get what I want soon.”

Zavier’s eyes went to Drake’s as if he were trying to communicate to him. Drake noticed and moved closer. “What was with the remark he made earlier?” he asked searching Karver’s face.

His expression was twisted in a maniacal grin as blood splashed from one of Zavier’s many wounds covering his face and clothes.

“I told you not to worry about that. You’ll know when you need to.”

“Not good enough! If this is concerning my wife and child I want to know now! This is the deal, Karver! I delivered these two as promised; you and I are done.”

“That’s not quite the case. We’re not done until I say so. There’s still the matter of Christopher and the seeds you planted.”

Drake grabbed his arm and felt the sting as Karver tossed him towards the corner. “You…”

“I wouldn’t, Drake. It’s not a very wise move!”

“Ah…you’re wife is here!” Karver announced as he summoned me into the chamber.

“Prepare him; take everything from every witch he’s killed! When you’re done, I’ll end him!”

I stepped closer to Zavier, a smile etched across his face. “Now I’m on the other end. We’ll see each other again, Love,” he sneered.

“You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep.” I closed my eyes to gain control and let my source consume me. I felt the powers of every witch, every warlock and every coven Zavier had ever encountered over the last six centuries.

Their energies empowered me, forced great magics into my veins before exiting me and returning to their home covens or spell books. Surge after surge of electricity rocketed through Zavier’s body as he levitated above the rack. The strength and power of every witch and warlock he’d murdered overwhelmed his body leaving him weak and limp.

Only one thing remained.

“Good job,” Karver expressed before gripping Zavier into a hold and draining the fluids completely from his veins. Zavier’s corpse fell into a dead lump to the floor before him and he smiled wickedly. 

“Drake, take Zoe home and see to it Christopher is ready for the next few days…it’s almost time.

Drake silently moved towards me and laced my hand in his before leading me home.

“Now what?”

“I don’t know, Zoe. But it’s not good.”

“I thought this was done with Zavier!”

“I’m sorry baby. I shouldn’t have come back.”

“What’s done is done, Drake. We need to look forward and try to keep this blow back from really damaging our son.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck and held him tight.

“I loved that you did this for us, to be with us. I love you Drake, I really do. But it has to end somewhere!”

“We’ll work through this,” he said hugging me tighter. 

Cloaked in shadows, the dark figure made his way to the hooded men sitting around the ritual altar and waited to be called upon.

“Have you any news?” a booming voice broke through the low hum of the chanting taking place from the nearby summoners.

“Zavier’s dead Malachai, now what?”

“Now the fun begins. Gather the others! We’ll pay a little visit to the witch and Karver’s little protégé.”


****Special thanks to Qui for creating a dominating Drake that could not be resisted! Thanks for being my sounding board especially on days my indecision must have driven you crazy 😀 ****


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  1. 😀 Welcome!

    This was great! Although it is a bittersweet ended for my sexy piece of Zaiver, I am more concerned with CJ and Zoe!
    Drake is now seeing that his deal with the devil goes beyond the terms he agreed to and it pains me! The love he had for his family and desire to be with them will cost him and it worries me!

    LOL Gotta love the warnings!!

    • LOL the warnings even got a chuckle from my BF! He hates the “romance” was in love with those 2 words Drake said, I’ll leave you to think which ones, but enjoyed the warnings haha.

      Zavier had to buy the big one 😦 sorry. Though I think his crumpled body in that suit is very beautiful…just me.

      CJ and Zoe are in for more than Drake bargained for. He seriously miscalculated Karver’s desires and goals and it is about to come back to bite him…hard!

      Drake said he didn’t regret his deal, that was until he realized there was more to it than he’d been privy to. Now he has to face the consequences of his actions, or rather watch as his family pays for his sins.

  2. Wow. Just wow. I don’t know where to start. So much happened in this.

    Okay let’s start at the beginning. Those two almost burned a hole in my screen. I swear I needed a very cold shower to cool off after that. I like his way of “tucking her in”, I can get used to that. Zoe is a lucky girl. Love your use of the new poses. They look so seamless with your writing.

    CJ’s so adorable a toddler, I’m looking forward to seeing him as a teen, oh the hearts he’ll break with all his charm.

    I knew it would be too easy for them to walk away. Drake’s really gone and done it now. Not sure which devil was better, Zavier or Karver. But then again, they are both devils, one evil can’t be better than the other!

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    • LOL Drake was trying to show her just how much he enjoyed their battle together. This isn’t something they’ve really done together. Drake always protected her and made her leave the area while he took care of the problem or she’d rely mostly on casts, seeing her take charge and do hand-to-hand was a real turn on for him.

      Thank you! And thanks to those poses you shared, I see more hotness with the new sets! (WOW)

      I cannot wait to see him age also but I dread it just the same! He is such a loving little boy…but the time is coming.

      Drake’s deal is more damaging than he could have imagined. Karver will prove to be much worse and harder to kill than Zavier. He and Lily both earned their deaths, though they earned way worse than that!

      The monks are explained in the next chapter. CJ has a lot of people vying to gain control over him. Your advice may find Zoe too late! But hopefully she’ll be able to do something to prevent herself from completely losing her child to the darkside!

  3. Those warnings were so funny!
    Drake has to really feel guilty about the situation he’s put his family into, but I’m glad that Zoe didn’t blame him. Zavier and Lilly got what they deserved! It’s so sweet that CJ feels like Sarah and Vanessa are family. I hope Karver won’t cause him to get hurt!
    If Zoe and Drake have another child will it be part demon too?
    That was another great chapter!

    • LOL thank you! I just wanted everyone to be aware.

      Drake feels tons of guilt for what he’s done and now he regrets having ever agreed to this, we’ll see more of the anguish in later chapters…13 to be exact. Zoe couldn’t blame him for this because of what she knows he has done her entire life BUT she did tell him there was only so much she could take!

      CJ loves everyone that makes his Mom and Dad happy and anyone that makes those people have negative feelings, he goes after. He sense everything that goes on emotions wise with them.

      There is the possibility that their next child will have demon traits, but you have to remember, Karver put those seeds for Drake SPECIFICALLY for Chris. Some may remain, but they may have accurately transferred.

      Thank you 😀

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    I wonder the same thing, Daisies – will the new child be part demon, too, since Drake is technically now part demon? Hmmmm.

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    And now they’re faced with a new threat, who looked to have been waiting for Zoe to get rid of Zavier & return the stolen powers to their source. Was Zavier protecting Zoe and CJJ somehow? Was that was he was trying to tell Drake at the end???

    • HAHAHAHA that’s awesome Jilly! LOL I’ll do better next time, I promise!

      There is always the possibility of their next child having some left over traits from the deal with Karver!

      Zavier was indeed trying to warn Drake, but he wasn’t really trying too hard. He could have used his mind talents like with Zoe but opted to remain silent; taunting them instead!

      Drake is starting to feel the sting of his return but that revelation came much too late! He does have a lot of making up to do. The sex was just a start and YES it has a direct reflection on that demon part of himself! (more on that soon)

      Zavier was using CJ and Zoe and Karver needed that to end…they each had their own agendas but in the end Karver “may” win out.

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    why am i not surprised about karver not telling drake everything. drake better be suspicious after seeing karver hop on zavier so quick to shut him up.
    they need to work on some type of revolt against karver asap

    • Karver feels he doesn’t have to answer to anyone. He allowed her to ask him certain things but she was really beginning to push him. Zoe does that without concern, if he wanted her hurt, he wouldn’t have healed her nor would he ensure Chris and his pets keep her safe (as well as guard her in his throne room) she is important to him as far as Chris goes so he needs to protect her if he intends on getting what he wants. Zoe knows that and so she’ll continue to push her limits…but what will happen once he gets what he wants and no longer has a use for Zoe? She’d better wizen up in that regard!

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