S7: Chapter 09: Enemies of the Past

Sarah called and left a message for us to meet her for lunch and Drake and I agreed. I was looking forward to getting out of the house and away from the constant attacks. Drake surprisingly was anxious as well. I’d been so consumed with everything, I’d not left time or thought for much else, and Drake seemed to be content with ignoring our impending doom.

“I’ll go start the car,” I yelled up at him.

“Ok, we’ll be out in a minute.”

“Hello Beautiful,” Asher Savage sneered as I opened the door. “Long time no see.”

Before I could react he’d grabbed me and tossed me to the ground outside. Elijah quickly came up from behind and gripped me around the waist.

“Let me go!” I yelled.

“We’d rather pick up where we left off!” Asher raised his hand to strike me but was frozen. His body began to levitate and he was thrown into the garage door.

“You are more powerful!” Elijah growled in my ear. “That’ll make this even sweeter.”

Christopher was agitated and Drake was trying to calm his nerves.

“What’s wrong, CJ?” he asked as he walked and bounced him around the room. “You don’t want to go and see Vanessa?”

He continued crying and throwing a tantrum. Finally he was able to guide his Daddy to the window and Drake peered out to see the reason behind his behavior.


He rushed down the stairs with Christopher in his arms and sat him in the playpen by the bookcase before exiting the front door.

Asher had recovered and was rushing back towards me. I saw the front door swing open and Drake ran at him knocking him to the ground.

“Ho! There’s Drakey-boy!” Elijah laughed watching Asher crash to the ground. “Drake! Buddy! I’m going to have to ask that you back away from my brother unless you want to watch me rip your girls’ throat out!”

Drake stopped in his tracks and glared at him.

“Don’t even think about it. We heard about your new little fire starting trick, don’t try me, Steele, you’ll regret it.”

Asher launched himself at Drake and began pummeling him on the ground. Drake shielded himself and kicked him off before charging at him again.

“This is exciting isn’t it?” Elijah hissed against my neck. I elbowed him hard in his gut, turned into him and sent a straight kick to his face. I ran towards Drake.

“Get in the house,” he yelled as I neared him.

I rushed into the front door. Christopher was standing in his playpen staring at the backdoor. I ran over to him and saw from the corner of my eye someone running through the backyard.

I picked him up and opened the backdoor; the intruder jumped the fence and made off into the woods.

I quickly shut and locked the door and looked out the front to see Drake had been able to subdue Asher but Elijah was heading towards him.

He stopped short of reaching Drake and he and Asher quickly took off towards the street. Drake watched them run off and was deciding whether he should give chase. His gaze fell upon the front door and he saw me standing there and headed towards the house instead.

“What was that about? How are they out right now?” I asked after he entered the living room.

“I don’t know but we’re going to find out.”

“We have to meet Sarah and Vincent at the diner,” I reminded him as he was about to grab the house phone.

“Fine, let’s go. I’ll call the Syndicate from there.”

I strapped Christopher into his car seat and Drake took off towards Barkley’s Bar and Grill.

We arrived and found Sarah and Vincent engaged in conversation at the booth near the back. Vanessa was sitting in a high chair at the end of the table.

I slid in beside Sarah and the waitress brought over another high chair for Christopher. “Thank you,” I smiled as she sat a menu in front of me.

“So why are we here again? No one actually eats food,” I asked looking at the offerings on the advertisements on the table.

“Just something different; I still eat. I love food though it’s not satisfying,” Sarah laughed.

“Where’s Drake?” Vincent asked taking a sip from the mug of blood in front of him.

“Um…great question,” I said looking around. I spotted him near the end of the bar looking through the phone book on his cell phone. He tossed it back into his pocket and walked over to us.

Vincent slid closer to Sarah and Drake took a seat. “No answer,” he sighed. “I’ll try again in a little bit.”

“So what’s going on? Where did the blood on your collar come from?” Vincent asked of Drake.

“Asher Savage.”

“Savage? As in the twins?”

“Yes. They attacked Zoe at the house and then took off.”

“Wow. I haven’t heard from them in decades. I wonder what brought them back.”

“Decades? I met them when I first learned I was a witch. They tried to use me and take over my source of magic. It was actually Abigail that…,” I stopped as I realized how they were able to make their escape. “Drake, that’s it! When Sarah killed Abigail it must have destroyed their bindings.”

“We would have been contacted about that, Zoe.”

He thought about what I said. Chris and Vanessa were fighting over a toy sitting on the table in front of them. A major game of tug-of-war ensued but Christopher finally gave up and let Ness have it. I smiled seeing his gentlemanly behavior, though he didn’t look a bit pleased.

We sat and made small talk and let the children play a little longer. It was getting late and I wanted to get home and get back to the research to hopefully figure out what these creatures were and what they wanted from us.

Vincent, Sarah and I walked outside and Drake went to the end of the bar, pulled his phone from his pocket and dialed the number again.

“Montgomery Steele, please,” Drake asked of the operator.

…“Uh…who may I say is calling…?”

“He’ll know when he hears my voice. Is he available?”

…“One moment sir, I’ll try the extension…”

Drake smiled in my direction as he listened to the hold music. I was bouncing Christopher to keep him calm.

…“This is Montgomery, who am I speaking with…?” a younger male’s voice spoke on the line.

“Who is this?”

…“Montgomery Steele, was I not who you were looking for? Perhaps you dialed the wrong number…?”

“No I don’t think so. I’ve been a member of the organization for a while; I think I know the number. I also know my Uncle’s voice and you’re not him, who the hell is this?”

…“Drake Steele…?”

“Funny, only a second ago you claimed otherwise, now you’re stealing my identity?”

…“Drake this is Marceau De Villier…”

“Why are you posing as my Uncle?”

…“Monty hasn’t been here in a few months, we had to keep up pretenses so the outside world didn’t catch on. Have you heard from him…?”

“No. What do you mean months?”

…“I mean we all heard you were dead, killed by Lilith. Monty went berserk. He was upset we refused to allow his revenge. He quit and went after them. We haven’t heard from him since…”

“Why didn’t anyone reach out to Zoe? Let her know what was happening?”

…“It’s not our job to inform your witch it’s yours and Monty’s, Drake. We have other pressing matters to take care of…”

Drake grew angry hearing the dismissive nature of Marceau’s voice. After centuries of dedication the man easily snubbed the Steeles’ hard work and allowed murderous vampires back into the world and after his family again without so much as a fucking courtesy call. “When I find Monty, you’ll hear from me again,” he growled into the phone before shoving it back into his pocket.

He threw the lobby door open and walked up to us in a huff. “What’s the matter, baby?”

“Monty’s missing and has been since my death apparently.”

“What? What happened?”

“He went after Lily and Zavier!”

“Are you serious? Why would he do that?”

“Because he’s Uncle Monty! The man loves fighting almost as much as I do,” Vincent replied. “Only he’s always been stuck behind laws and rules with the Syndicate. I’d love to see him without the cuffs on.”

“And you might get your chance. He quit and I need to find him.”

“Of course you do, even as brutal as he is he can’t handle Lily and Zavier alone!”

“Did they tell you how the Savages were able to get out?” I prodded.

“I didn’t ask. I was pissed off hearing they never tried to let you know about Monty.”

I could hear his thoughts; his mind was racing as he went over the possibilities of what could have happened to him.

“I’m coming with you, Drake.”

“No you’re not, Zoe.”

“I’m not asking for permission. I’m coming with you! Uncle Monty saved me! I won’t leave him out there alone hunting after Lily and Zavier!”

“And I’m not exposing you and Christopher to this danger!”

“Our lives are nothing but danger, Drake! Look let’s not argue about this, I’m coming!” I said staring fiercely into his eyes.

“I could look after Christopher for you,” Sarah chimed in. “You took care of my baby while I was not able to; it’s the least I can do.”

Drake looked at her before meeting Christopher’s gaze. “I don’t know Sarah. He needs a lot of attention. There are a lot of things coming after him.”

“Which is why I’ll help her,” Vincent said. “We can take care of him, Drake. I won’t let anything near him.”

“Then it’s decided!” I said handing Christopher to Sarah.

“We’ll see you when you get back,” she smiled.

“Hold on.”

“By the Goddess light,
on this starry night,
I call to thee give me your might,
by the power of three;
I conjure thee,
to protect all that surrounds my family.”

“Let’s get to the airport. We’ll start at the HQ and work our way out,” Drake said.

I kissed Christopher goodbye and followed him to the car.

Vincent and Sarah got back to her house and found Brad waiting on the stoop.

“Sarah! There you are,” he smiled as she approached.

She rolled her eyes seeing yet another lavish display of roses, balloons and teddy bears at her front door.

“Brad you have to stop this!” she scowled.

“Allow me, Sarah,” Vincent smirked.

“Don’t, please.”

Brad fell to his knees clutching at his throat.

“Brad?” Sarah moved towards him. “Brad what’s happening?”

She looked at Vincent but her attention quickly turned towards Christopher. He had a self-satisfying smirk on his face as he watched Brad fall in pain.

“Chris stop it! Don’t do that!”

He looked up at her with sad eyes and let Brad go.

“Ha! Well look at that! The kid has taste! He doesn’t seem to like him very much either,” Vincent laughed.

“What was that?” Brad gasped. “How did he do that?”

“He’s part witch.”

Brad rubbed his throat as he stared at Christopher. His little blue eyes burned holes into him.

Vincent stepped back behind Sarah as she put the key into the door and unlocked it for his entry. Vincent took Vanessa and Christopher inside and waited at the door for Sarah to enter, keeping his eyes locked on Brad.

“So you and him are back together?” Brad frowned looking at Vincent in the doorway.

“No. I’d never go back down that road.”

“And you feel the same way about me? Sarah I’m sorry about everything! Please! Tell me what I can do to make it up to you; I’m begging you for another chance.”

“Well first, stop with the candy-grams. I’ve had my fill of chocolate covered cherries and truffles.”

“I can do that.”

“And stop following me everywhere. It’s really starting to creep me out.”

“Yeah, sure whatever you want, Sarah.”

She started towards the door.

“Have dinner with me?”

She looked at him, his eyes were pleading her. “Ok.”

“Thank you!”

“But not tonight; I’m watching Zoe’s son and I don’t want to leave him.”

“Ok, you can call me when you are ready. I’ll wait to hear from you.” He watched her enter inside her house before turning towards the street and disappearing down an alley.

“How long has that been going on?”

Sarah grabbed Vanessa from Vincent and walked her into the kitchen.

“Since I turned him; he’s obsessed. He followed me to Sunset and keeps calling or popping up where ever I am. I forgot about the heightened emotions as a new vampire. It’ll calm down soon, but until then,” she pointed towards the den.

Vincent took a step towards the tiny room.

“Wow! He’s got it bad.”

Drake and I arrived at the airport and prepared ourselves for the long flight to France.

We boarded the plane and settled into our seats.

“Why wouldn’t Uncle Monty call me himself? Let me know what was happening?” I asked.

Drake shrugged. “He has a one track mind at times. He can get blinded by rage and that’s mostly why I’m afraid for him.”

I took his hand in mine. “We’ll find him, Drake, safe and sound.”

He leaned back in his seat and relaxed and my eyes floated to the sea of endless white puffs outside the window.

“We’d better, or the Syndicate is in for a rude awakening.” He looked over at me and smiled entering my thoughts. “Stop worrying about Chris. If anything he’ll protect Vincent and Sarah.”

“I know but I’ve always been by his side and…”

“Sweetheart, he’ll be fine.” He rubbed my arm to reassure me, but his touch quickly changed. “You know it’s been a while since we’ve been alone?”


“I’m just saying.” He kissed my shoulder and his lips grazed my neck.

I thought about what he said. It had been a while since we had alone time. Things have been too crazy to even think of having one ounce of peace. I looked at him as he continued his advances, his hand caressed my stomach.

I laughed. “Oh you let me in on those thoughts I see. How can you think about sex right now?”

“Zoe it’s been a while since I’ve felt you. I ache for you. I’m not ignoring our situation, but there are some things that I can’t help. Besides, you wanted me to give you a little girl. I promised we could start right away.”

He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into a kiss. “I love you Zoe Steele.”

I smiled remembering the thought, Mom’s words held me when she spoke them “you became the witch because you are the youngest” and the most telling was the way she said “work on another child, preferably a daughter”. She’d never been so concerned with the way magics ran for me until now, until Chris. I knew she was trying to tell me something, and it was something I was going to explore.

Drake’s hand was rubbing under my shirt now. I felt his fingers dancing near my navel and I turned to him.

Mile high club? I asked to his surprised look.

He quickly jumped from his seat and walked towards the back of the plane and I joined him shortly.

We landed in France, Drake grabbed us a rental and we drove to the Headquarters for the Syndicate. The building was a grand scale set against the Paris backdrop and I’d imagined what the inside would look like; witches and Fairies floating around everywhere going about their daily business.

I was a little disappointed when we got inside and my expectations were not met. There were witches, but they weren’t working or looking busy, in fact, everyone looked stressed and angry.

Drake walked over to the directory and located Marceau’s office number and we entered the elevator and went up to see him.

“Draco Steele!” a man with a thick French accent yelled across the busy office.

He rushed over towards us with a bright smile on his face. “So it wasn’t some practical joke? You really are back from the dead!”

“Marceau,” Drake said with a scowl. “Where’s Monty’s office?”

“It’s nice seeing you again as well!”

“I’m not here to be buddy-buddy with you and I don’t care how you’re doing. You can drop off the side of a building and land ass side down on a sharp pole for all I care. Where is Monty’s office?”

The vampire’s eyes glared at Drake as he continued speaking. “Well Drake, it’s nice to see your attitude improved with death!”

“Five seconds, Marceau and then your body parts are going to start flying.”

He smirked and nodded his head towards a back office and Drake grabbed my hand and walked me towards the room.

“What are we looking for?” I asked watching him search the desk drawers. He ignored my question and continued tossing papers everywhere.

“Ok…so what are you looking for? Drake!” I yelled to get his attention.

“Hey?” I grabbed his arm and he pushed me against the wall. “You’re hurting my arm, Drake. Let it go.”

He came back to reality and looked at me. “I’m sorry. I’m just…pissed. I didn’t mean to grab you like that.”

“You’re doing a lot of apologizing lately, Drake.”

“I know. I can’t explain what’s happening with me. I just feel so much anger now.”

“What are we looking for?”

“Monty always hid things for me when we were working around here together…until your family vacated Europe that is. I’m trying to find anything that might give me a clue as to where he is now.”

“I’m sorry I grabbed you, Zoe.” He said leaning me into the wall. He placed his head on my shoulder and held me.

“It’s ok Drake. I’m just really worried about you. I don’t know how much more of this I can take before…”

“Don’t say it please, I can sense it. I won’t let it get that far.” He pulled away and continued looking around the office.

“Damn it!” he yelled finally giving up. “Let’s get out of here.”

He walked up to the secretary outside of Monty’s office and grabbed all the contact numbers she had for him before we took the elevator back down to the lobby.

As we exited back on the street and walked towards the car, a demon was lying in wait. He pushed me into the back of the car and I fell to the ground hard.

Drake threw him to the other side of the parking lot and got me to my feet and together we went after him. He had a stitched mouth and his eyes were completely blackened. His skin was rotting through and I could clearly see his rib cage and arm muscles.

“What is that?”

“A Skeletal Flayer; aim for his eyes.”

I went low while Drake went high, chopping for the beasts’ eyes but meeting with a blow to the midsection. He fell clutching at his stomach and I tripped the monster, knocking him to the ground.

His hands swiped at me and sliced into my face. The blood quickly drained into my eyes blinding me and I stumbled back.

“Zoe!” Drake yelled as he ran towards me. His expression changed and he ran at the monster rocketing the both of them off the top of the garage.

“DRAKE!” I rushed to the edge to grab for him but like a cat, he landed on his feet.

He stood over him and ripped a nearby street sign from the ground and stabbed it into the monster’s face, piercing right through his eyes and tearing through the other side of his skull.

He hurried back up to the top of the garage and found me next to the car. My injuries had stopped bleeding, but the scratches had not yet healed.

“Are you ok baby?”

“I’m fine. Call Sarah please, I need to know Chris is ok.”

“Of course, get in the car; I want to get you some place to heal up.”

We arrived at the hotel and I quickly entered the bathroom to shower. After scrubbing for a good twenty minutes I turned off the water and toweled dry. I checked the scratches in the mirror. That demon really got me good, but at least they were starting to heal.

I found Drake standing near the door peeking out the curtain. His attention fell on me when he felt me enter behind him. “Are you ok?”

“I’m fine. They’ve started healing.”

“Good. I called Sarah, Christopher tried to kill Brad, but other than that, they are fine.”

“‘Other than that’? Interesting way of putting it. What do you mean he tried to kill him?” I grabbed a bottle of lotion and began rubbing it into my skin before the moisture from the shower completely dried up.

“Sarah was annoyed and he picked up on that and tried to help.” He watched as I rubbed lotion on my arms and legs. I noticed his stare and smiled. “What?”

“Nothing. I’m just admiring my beautiful wife, that’s all.”

He closed the space between us and took the bottle of lotion. “I’ll do your back.”

I turned around and enjoyed his soft touch caressing my skin. I moaned as his contact turned into a massage. He dropped the bottle of lotion on the floor and pulled me back towards him.

I could feel his hard length rubbing against my back. He nibbled on my ear and whispered quietly, “Do you want me?”

“Again? We can’t do this right now. We have to find Monty.”

He laughed as his hand rubbed my belly, “Well, he’s not in this room,” he said as he continued pressing into me, squeezing my breasts in his hands and kissing my neck. “You shouldn’t make those sounds; you don’t know what they do to me. Answer my question.”

“Yes, Drake of course I do. But…”

“You’re not going to make me beg for it, Zoe.”

“Never,” I replied breathlessly as he continued pushing himself on me.

“Good. Bend over, Buttercup,” he demanded as he removed my towel. I heard the buckle on his pants as he undid himself. His hands gripped my waist as he thrust hard inside of me and allowed his arousal to drive with urgency. His groans reached my ear and excited me. His sounds too were always a turn on.

I grabbed the dresser and balanced myself as he thrust himself faster and harder. I bounced off of him, joining his rhythm and allowing him to push deeper. I could see him in the mirror. His eyes were red again and I knew the fire was burning just beneath.

I rubbed his arm as his hand slid under my belly and grabbed my breast. He gently squeezed and pinched my nipple, causing me to moan louder.

I leaned into him and felt his rippling physique against my back. He was warm; his body was beginning to burn. “You’re getting too hot,” I said between squeals.

“I’m not done yet,” he groaned. His hands heated up and he removed them from my skin for a moment to allow himself to cool. He pressed me back towards the dresser and grabbed my waist harder. His motions became quicker as he entered me with longer strokes, pumping me with an animalistic frenzy.

The dresser I clung onto for dear life began beating against the wall with loud bangs. Our neighbor hit his side and yelled for us to shut up. Drake laughed and gripped me tighter before falling backwards on the bed. I sat on top of him; his arms clung tightly to my hips as he assisted my body into his.

He pulled my head to the side and kissed my back. I watched him from the mirror again. His fangs glistened just above my shoulder. He smirked as his eyes met mine. His teeth grazed the nape of my neck before he sank them into my vein. I closed my eyes as he drank all the while still forcing his throbbing body inside me.

I bounced feverishly in his lap and his arm gripped me tighter each time I came back down on him. His left hand continued massaging my breast and he kissed me softly on my neck. I turned to face him, my lips met his in a passionate kiss and I could taste myself on his tongue.

My hands ran quickly through his hair as I hungrily savored his mouth; his tongue licked at my lips and he smiled as his face inched away from mine. “I fucking love you Zoe.” He bit at my chin before sucking my bottom lip and mouth into his again.

He squeezed my ass tight in his hand and slammed me hard into his lap. I grabbed his neck tighter, my nails dug into the flesh of his back and shoulders as he brought us to climax. I watched the room, sure that he’d set something on fire, but found no embers or sparks anywhere.

“I can control it you know? I just didn’t try last time,” he said watching me search.

I smiled. “I love you, Drake.”

He squeezed me tight against his chest and kissed me. His phone rang and he let out a groan.

He gripped my thighs to lift me and tossed me on the bed with a laugh as he headed for his pants.


…“Drake…?” he heard the desperate voice of Montgomery.

“Uncle? Where are you?”

…“Drake you’re aliveIs this really you…?”

“Of course it is, Monty. Where are you?”

I just got to Egypt. I’ve been tracking Bordeaux for months now. She’s getting sloppy; I know where they are heading though…”

“Egypt? Zoe and I just got to France looking for you. Stay where you are Monty, we’re coming to you.”

…“Well I suggest you hurry because I’m not losing this bitch…”

Drake and I quickly dressed and rushed outside. He grabbed my arm as we stood on the balcony. “Are you able to fly right now?”

“I’ll be fine, Drake. I’ll let you know if I get tired.”

We switched to flight form and started in the direction of Egypt.


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    Ok let me go back to the beginning. I can’t stress how much I love CJ’s connection to his parents! No matter where they are he can alert the other when their is danger and I love that! It will only get better when he starts talking! The Savage twins have red eyes. Were they always red or are they in connection with Karver too? They know about the sexy fire thing so I can only assume that that’s what it is.
    Uncle Monty isn’t playing huh? He’s out for blood! Dude pissed me off talking about it’s not their job to inform his witch!
    LOL@CJ protecting Sarah! I can so see him having a crush on her! Ha!

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    My farewell will be needed soon? If that bitch is near, Zaiver can’t be too far.

    • LOL Bradley…just so very much in love and doesn’t know what to do!

      CJ can never allow anyone to harm his Mommy. Though he has a deeper connection to Drake, it is sometimes hard to express himself but he gets his point across when needed and he will DEFINITELY only improve vocally.

      Yes, they always had red eyes. The first baddies we met in “Desired” lol. Originally I’d intended to bring them back as recurring baddies, but got sidetracked with others and finally found a great way for them to return. They don’t have a connection to Karver other than they were created in his eyes…he is the father of all evil. They heard about Drake’s new abilities and decided to test the waters. (They’ll be back…again)

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      HAHA There you go again “Hello Mrs. Robinson” lol we know how these thoughts turn out 😛

      Vincent’s more protective…he still hates Brad and would prefer that he stay away from his daughter, but trying to fix his past harms to everyone he is trying to allow Sarah to choose who she wants to be with and not step on toes. BUT he will be happy for her if she finds her love in Brad.

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    • Thank you for reading! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the story and continue with Drake and Zoe’s journey 🙂

      Drake and Zoe are destined soulmates they seem determined to tough out anything that comes their way and have been able to really weather the storms so hopefully this too shall pass!

      Vincent is the never say die playboy who thanks to Zoe has calmed a bit which is great for Vanessa. Though he has stepped back from her a little to allow her marriage to strengthen, he can never stop loving her or settle down! I love writing for him when he is off on a binder lol

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      I’m glad to hear you sink further into my web with each update 😀 haha there is no escape! The next will be on Wednesday. I’ve been working on a “Fairy Tale” of sorts based on “The Old Woman in a Shoe” ok…maybe more of a nursery rhyme and that releases tomorrow…I’ve been trying to update every other day on each.

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    • Sorry about that 😀 each chapter is it’s on episode! I love that you enjoyed them! Brad is a very sad panda right now, but he’ll soon have the one thing he’s wanted, if she’ll have him that is.

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    Poor Zoe, someone’s waiting around every corner for her and CJ lately. No wonder she’s not in the mood! (at least until she remembered her mother’s message, and it fit her own agenda! Good girl!)

    Looks like they have an valuable ally in Uncle Monty, now that the gloves are off! Look out, Zavier and Lily…here they come!

    • Lol Vincent is repairing his past hurts and it will need a lot healing where Sarah is concerned. He hurt her the most out of everyone so he is definitely trying to do right by her now. Sarah yeah…she wasn’t too worried about sharing info with Brad, mostly because she still has feelings for him. Plus he was kind of stalking her, he would have been able to deduce that info himself. So you don’t like Brad? Don’t want him to be happy?

      Zoe is definitely out for her and CJs safety now. She told Drake plan and simple, stop what you are doing or suffer the consequences and he backed down. He doesn’t want her to make good on any threat. Hopefully Zoe’s plan will pan out though!

      Uncle Monty will definitely offer his assistance where ever needed. I just feel that the Zavier/Lily thing won’t deliver as I’d hoped…still working out the kinks though

  7. first i wanna say…. EXCELLENT CENSORSHIP! lol i love how zoe’s knee is blocking his junk. lol ignore me >.>

    hey look at that…the family that slays together stays together. yea that was a little cheesy. it was cool seeing the two of them work together. its clear they make a good team. i wonder what purpose those two had…something tells me they were just a distraction and will be back for more.

    can i ride on the mile high club too!! lol those crazy horny kids.
    and can i say OUCH! (i’ve probably said that a million times) having a pole jabbed in your face is no fun…i assume lol
    i giggled like a school girl when drake said “i’ll do your back”
    im sure you will! and he did! lol

    oh yea! and brad…looks like we got another love sick puppy in town. lawd

    • HAHA The knee was hilarious!

      Drake and Zoe rarely had the chance to fight together, he’s always defending her instead. But yeah the Savages, back for a second round! They won’t stop there, there’s more in store for the Steeles.

      LOL I’m sure Drake would accept that offer as much as he’s been dying! He asks for “woohoo” 24/7 in my game! The man’s an animal!

      That had to be a very painful way to die, I would have wrote it differently, but the birds were not around 😀

      Brad is back for his love AND with heightened senses. Hopefully he can quench his Sarah thirst though!

  8. That was HOT!

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