S6: Chapter 15: War of the Worlds Pt. 2 – Extraction

As they left the house, they soon found flying would have been the best bet from the start. There were hordes of people lining the streets. Small fires were blazing everywhere and chaos reigning upon anyone unlucky enough to get caught outside or in an unlocked car.

Vincent parked on the side of the road and the boys decided to walk the rest of the way and see what damage the hunters caused. They needed to end this war, fast!

“Did they release that toxin here too?”

“They must have done it when they got in! This wasn’t the plan though, I swear it! The system was going Riverview, Sunset, Barnacle before here.”

“Well it looks like they moved up that timeframe!”

There were two vampires chomping on one human victim. They seemed to enjoy more as she screamed in pain. Drake ran over and pulled them off, lighting them up one at a time.

He hated the idea of killing vampires right now since their actions were being controlled by someone else, but the humans he considered actual innocent victims.

The chaos that filled the streets seemed to go for miles. They continued the trek towards the docks. People ran screaming through the streets, some were fighting off their attackers, others were hiding and still some were becoming meals for the entranced blood drinkers.

A woman came running out from a burning house screaming. She jumped into Drake’s arms. A vampire came running after her.

Vincent grabbed him and gave his neck a firm jerk, snapping it. His lifeless form dropped to the ground.

He glared at Brad. “This is what you wanted.”

Just a block from the marina, the gang entered into an old bicycle factory to scout out the primary target. The sun was starting to peak over the horizon and the team lost the cover of darkness.

No matter, they were going in whether or not it meant death.

From across the way and very visible were about 11 attack dogs roaming the yard, foaming at the mouth and growling. These beasts were trained to hunt and kill vampires and were more than ready for combat. There was a wire mesh electric fence surrounding the entire facility.

There were 4 guards posted at the front; 2 on the roof on each corner and 2 on the ground on either side of the yard. They each stood behind a Barrett M82 Machine Gun that were positioned on rotating table tops with extra boxes of wooden bullets nearby.

Along the path to the door were small ponds with sprinkler systems which Brad said contained holy water blended with the toxin and rat poison.

The water would be burned into the skin by the rat poison and allow the toxin to seep into the body of its victim and spread within its host. The victim would then become controllable.

Lining the wall near the doors were several “attack” vampires awaiting the target of their missions. They were being used in a war against their own and it sickened Drake. Though more and more he was growing used to the idea of killing; he’d never allow them to harm his family and prepared himself to prove just that to the hunters.

On every corner of the building and fence posts was a security camera. Large security lights were near each wall and a barbed wire fence and nettings prominently displayed the added protection around this building. As Brad said, this place was a fortress.

Drake came up with a plan. Everything had to work precisely otherwise there would be no saving the girls and that wasn’t an option.

“Great! There is no way we’re getting inside alive!” Jeremy said. “This place is completely guarded from every possible angle!”

“Well we’re going to try anyway. They have my wife, my pregnant wife. I’ll kill everyone and everything that stands in my way, including you, so if you’ve had a change of heart speak up now or die later.”

Jeremy cowered, a look of fear etched on his face. “I’m with ya Brah, I’m just…”

“Scared? You should be; but you better get a grip! If anything happens to them because of you…if any of you fuck this up, I’ll toast your asses. Everyone to your positions,” he hissed.

Vincent moved towards the left corner of the lot to take out the armed guard while Kevin took the one on the right. They took out the cameras on their sides and readied themselves for the “go” signal.

Drake stayed up on the roof and sent a ball of fire soaring towards the small ponds in the front of the property, scorching the surface of the water and disabling the sprinklers.

Once the fires began to burn and their attention was pulled, both men jumped the fence and killed their targets.

Vincent took his hunter into his arms and pulled his head completely apart of his body. The spine slid out of the limp corpse and he tossed the bloody carcass to one of the nearby dogs.

The dog immediately began licking and gnawing on the raw flesh of his former master. Vincent waited on the others to join him, gazing across the yard spotting Kevin.

Kevin was able to subdue his target. He clenched him into a choke hold until he passed out and then tossed his body into one of the pools of fire Drake had created and watched the man burn alive.

The other crow noticed Drake’s arrival. He’d followed the Hunters to ensure that his ward was not harmed. Upset at their actions, he took it upon himself to assist with one of the hunters on the roof. He flew into him; the hunter looking for bats completely ignored the dark bird sitting in front of him. He tossed a piece of bread at him. The bird scooted away from his offering. The hunter laughed and lit a cigarette.

The moment he brought the cancer stick to his lips, the crow jumped and began pecking at his face and neck. It poked his eyes out and backed him to the ledge.

The hunter stumbled backwards off the roof and fell to his death. His screams alerted the others inside to the intruders on the premises.

“Go check on that,” Korbin ordered Manny. He picked up his walkie to contact the guards outside. Manny turned and exited the room.

“Leslie, Roger go get to your stations and report any disturbance immediately!”

“Joshua what the hell is going on out there?” He was met with static. “Joshua come in. What the fuck is happening?” Again he was met with static. “Colin are you there? Where the hell is Joshua?” There was no response from the other guard either.

He took a seat at the monitors and began cycling through the channels. All of the cameras had been disabled. He heard a door slam near the back of the facility and jumped to his feet.

“Fuck!” he growled. He left the security office and rushed to the holding room in which he placed his hostages. He tried the door but it would not budge.

“He’s here,” Sarah yelled. I immediately began trancing again. I’d been holding a barrier around the room from the moment we were thrown inside to protect Sarah, Vanessa and I. We listened as our captor tried breaking the door down.

“Open this fucking door!” he yelled at us. “I’ll burn it down I swear to Christ and wait until you burn alive inside.”

“Give it your best shot!” I retorted. I’d been able to maintain the hold nearly all day but I was becoming tired, weakened. This small summoning of my powers was playing hell on my body. I couldn’t begin to imagine how a bigger spell would go.

“Zoe how much longer are you going to be able to do this? Your nose keeps bleeding periodically.”

“I’ll go for as long as I can Sarah.”

“We’ll see who wins this!” Korbin yelled.

His footsteps quickly left the hall and I relaxed my hold again. I felt dizzy and needed a small rest.

“This is too much for you, Zoe. Drake is right, just let them come in, I can handle them.”

“I don’t want them near you or Vanessa. We have to keep her safe…keep them…,” I passed out.

The last guard on the roof heard the scream and rushed over to the right side of the structure. He saw Gina and Tomas making their way towards the building.

He jumped behind the Barrett M82 Machine Gun and sent a barrage of bullets towards them. They ducked, dodged and dove out of the way.

He reloaded the gun and sent more bullets in their direction.

Distracted by their approach, Jeremy was able to land behind him. He grabbed him away from the gun and they began a struggle. The guard was desperate to gain ground but was quickly overpowered by the vampire.

Jeremy slightly released his grip so as not to render him unconscious and tossed him over the edge of the building. He wanted him to feel that last bit of fear before hitting the hard ground below. The hunters’ screams again alerted those inside.

“Leslie, Manny, Roger, Dave, get your asses into position, we have company.” Korbin ran towards the supply closet and grabbed some lighter fluid.

“Make sure they don’t get inside!” he yelled into the walkie as he rushed back down the hall.

“Prepare to burn bitches!” he yelled as he soaked the door in lighter fluid.

“Zoe wake up! Zoe! He’s back! Zoe get up!” Sarah said shaking me back to life.

I picked myself up and started trancing again. “I can’t keep this up, Sarah. We have to think of something.”

There was a big crash in the hall behind Korbin. He turned to face the sound. “Who’s there?”

He took a lighter out of his pocket. “Show yourself or the girls become roasted marshmallows,” he threatened as he held a small flame towards the soaked door.

Drake and Brad rounded the corner.

“Fucking traitor!” Korbin yelled at him.

“Traitor? We were friends for over 20 years, best friends! The minute you learned of my condition you tried to kill me! Years of trust and loyalty gone within 5 seconds! Who’s the fucking traitor here?”

“You’re a sick asshole. You fell for one of these vile things. How could you ever see good in them? They killed your mother! Too bad there’s no cure for you. Doesn’t matter at this point, your little girlfriend is about to go up in smoke and soon you’ll join her!”

Drake grabbed the flame from the lighter though the distance was great between him and Korbin.

“So you want marshmallows?” he tossed the fireball at Korbin and watched him combust. Korbin desperately fought to kill the flames burning his flesh and clothes.

Sarah and I heard him scream. I again got dizzied and passed out.

“Oh Zoe…”

Drake stopped time on Korbin. He watched him frozen in fear and burning. He pulled the flames back and allowed him to breathe only for a moment before reigniting the fire.

He smiled watching him blaze like a torch. Again he stopped the fire, but this time for good. He neared him and threw a hard right to his glass jaw. Korbin fell hard to the floor and blood spilled from his busted mouth.

The door creaked open. “Drake!” Sarah yelled jumping up and running to his arms. Brad entered in behind him and Sarah glared at him. Brad waved at her with a smile on his face.

“Are you ok?” Drake asked. He looked past her and found me lying on the ground.

“Baby?” he knelt beside me. “Zoe, honey? What did they do to her?” he asked.

“She used her magics to keep us safe and passed out. Why did you bring him?”

“Sarah I’m…”

“I don’t want to hear it!” she interrupted him.

“This is what I was warning her about,” Drake said ignoring their argument. “She isn’t as strong right now since a lot of her energy is going towards the baby.” He rubbed the hair from my face and cleaned the blood from my nose.

He picked me up and remembered he hadn’t driven. He found an old cot in another room and laid me on it before turning towards Sarah.

“Will you be able to watch after her? There is still unfinished business to attend to.”

“We’ll be fine, Drake,” Sarah said. “We don’t need a babysitter.”

“I’ll watch after them,” Brad said waiting in the corner. His eyes never left Sarah. He found comfort in her anger at him. He knew where that emotion was really housed.

Drake left the room and found Jeremy and Gina in the hall. They’d discovered the room where the toxin was being manufactured. “I’ll take care of this,” Drake said. “Go and help the others.”

They immediately withdrew to get back in the fight.

Drake walked around the room. There were several displays of science equipment; Bunsen burners, test tubes, and other equipment lined the walls and areas. He grimaced. This is where they create that shit.

He walked through each aisle tossing the items to the ground before setting each on fire; destroying their poisons.

Once finished, he rushed outside; his nerves tensed as he eagerly awaited the opportunity to enter the fray. He jumped on one of the vampires being used in the battle. Instantly the fanged monster resisted, he fought like he was older; his strength rivaled that of Drake’s but instead of backing off, it pleased him more. He was afraid there’d be no competition in this thing.

He jumped back as the vampire swiped at him with his sharp claws. He sent his fist into his nose and watched the resulting blood pour from his face. The vampire came back at Drake with kicks before tackling him to the ground.

Drake laughed to himself. At any moment, if he so chose, he could have this vampire go up in flames. Drake kicked him off and charged at him again. Swinging wildly and watching his fist tear flesh from his face.

Vincent grabbed another of the hunters standing guard. The man was trying to reload his gun but the damn bullet jammed in the cartridge. Vincent kicked the gun away and gave him a wicked smile as he looked up at him. “No, please,” the man begged.

Ignoring his pleas for mercy, he began sending vicious kicks and punches into his soft flesh. One fist after another rocked the man on his wobbly legs as each blow created dizziness and large visible wounds on his body.

“How do you want to die?” he sneered as he tossed the man to the ground. He saw a sign on the fence post that read, “Danger – Electric”, Perfect. He grabbed the hunter and tossed him into the metal and watched the man as volts of electricity surged through his core.

The surge of electricity danced around the man’s body; every volt of power in the building concentrated on searing the flesh from his bones. He began smoking; the stench of roasted meat filled the air as his body shook and vibrated from the power of the jolts of lights.

He laughed; the poor fool pissed himself as he went out.

Vincent heard a scream from behind him and he turned in the direction of the noise. He saw Jeremy battling a controlled vampire. He was obviously older than Jeremy and was getting the upper hand.

Vincent looked around and found a tree branch sitting near the fence. He quickly grabbed it and with deadly aim launched it towards the vampire Jeremy was fighting. The sharp stick landed hard in the vampire’s chest. He turned clutching his heart and stared shocked at Vincent as his body swirled in a large gust of wind and his ashes blew away with the gentle breeze.

“Thank you,” Jeremy mouthed to Vincent. He nodded at him before looking for more “victims” he needed more people to kill.

Gina had “persuaded” the prowling pooches into kennels located near the back of the compound. She locked them up tight and rushed back to the front.

She saw Tomas and Jeremy. Tomas was fighting a large hunter near the front gate. Jeremy turned and smiled at her. He hated having his baby sister in the middle of this war, but he was happy to see she was holding her own. He approached her. “Let’s get inside and find the control room.” They walked into the building and disappeared around the corner.

They entered into the security office and moved towards the monitors. Brad informed them that they would be holding more cells with a large number of vampires underneath the facility. They were able to find the controls and ensure they remained locked tight in their prisons. On the monitors, you could clearly see these deranged mind controlled vampires awaiting their kill commands. “Can you imagine the mess we’d be in if they got out?” Gina laughed nervously.

She continued watching the display. She saw Vincent, Drake and Kevin in combat with hunters and vampires respectively. Her eyes fell to the monitor on the bottom right. Tomas had just killed the hunter near the gate and was standing brushing the dirt off of his clothes unaware of the approaching vampire behind him. “Oh no, Tomas turn around!” Gina looked for a PA system or intercom so she could warn him. But her efforts were in vain.

Before he had the chance to turn around the vampire grabbed his neck and wrenched his head off. “TOMAS!!!” Gina yelled as she watched her friend die in front of her. Tears began streaming down her face. Jeremy took her in his arms and tried to comfort her grief.

“Don’t look!” he said holding her tight. He reached over and turned the monitor off. “I’ll go get him. Stay here, lock the door behind me.”

Jeremy rushed outside towards his friends’ fallen body and immediately tackled the vampire. Gina turned the monitor back on to watch against her brothers’ advice. She watched them claw at each other. Vicious blows were exchanged and that same vampire grabbed at Jeremy’s head. “NO!” she screeched. She unlocked the door and rushed outside to her brother.

“Hey! She yelled at the vampire. “Wait your turn,” he growled. She dashed for him and clawed his face. Jeremy slipped out of his hold and pulled his sister away. “Stay back,” he warned.

He grabbed a hammer near a chest of tools and walked menacingly towards the vampire. He laughed, “What are you going to do with that? Put the weapon down and take your death like a man!”

He began bashing the vampire over the head repeatedly. Blood squirted from the numerous head wounds. He fell to the ground, but Jeremy didn’t let up. He kept pounding the thick metal into his skull until the flesh from his forehead stuck to the pavement and the tip of the tool.

For added assurance, Jeremy sliced him across the throat with the back of the hammer and watched as the light in his eyes faded completely. He was taking no chances on this fucker getting back up! Tomas was his friend; a life for a life. Gina looked on in horror at the man her brother was becoming. It scared her to see him react this way but she understood his emotions just the same.

He was soaked in blood and turned to face his sister. “I told you to stay inside.”

“I got scared! You’re welcome!” she sneered.

He smiled at her and they returned to the control room.

Vincent and Kevin joined them shortly with the others they were able to find.

They saw Drake approaching from one of the monitors and unlocked the door. He found them in the company of Manny, Leslie and Korbin’s unconscious body.

“So what are we going to do with them?” Kevin asked.

Vincent smirked. “Torture isn’t out of the question; and you Beautiful, you look like a screamer.”

“First we’re going to figure out how to reverse the effects of that toxin and then we’ll have our fun.” Drake’s eyes still burned as the fire that matched seared in his veins. His blood was boiling; he was excited thinking about their trip to his garage. Now he fully understood Vincent’s rage and desire to hurt them when they came after Vanessa that first time. He was aching to teach them a lesson.

“You can’t reverse it! Thanks to Brad we learned how to perfect it! Your little friend won’t be able to cleanse it this time!” Manny sneered.

Drake hit him with a sharp punch to his left jaw, quickly erasing his smug attitude.

“That won’t make this any less enjoyable.”

We made our way home. Drake practically carried me the entire time, stopping every so often to ensure I was ok before pressing on back through the streets. They were still filled with chaos and I was shocked seeing so many vampires on the prowl for more of that toxin.

Kevin and his friends along with Vincent collected up the remaining hunters and made sure they were all secure in the garage while Sarah tended to Vanessa and Drake took care of me.

“This is why I want you to just relax. The baby is very demanding; I don’t want either of you to be in danger.”

He handed me two plasma packs and sat with me as I fed.

“I won’t need to drink both.”

“Just try and get it down. You’ll recover faster.”

“Did you get anything from the hunters about how to end this?”

“No. Apparently after we cured Sarah, Brad informed them and they created a more potent toxin.”

“And we have no idea how many people or vampires were affected!”

He shook his head.

“It’s crazy and dangerous out there, Drake.”

“And it’ll only get worse.”

After making me lie down, Drake entered the garage. “You started without me?” he frowned at Vincent.

“I got anxious,” he smiled. “I saved some though.”

“How thoughtful,” Drake said rolling up his sleeves; an evil smirk crossed his lips. “We’re in for a long night.”


4 responses to “S6: Chapter 15: War of the Worlds Pt. 2 – Extraction

  1. Wow. Incredibly intense and exciting. My favorite part was the crow’s revenge!

    • HAHA I was hoping to create an inventive death scene there and was afraid it came off as bland 😛 Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed that! He hated what happened to his friend and was itching for some payback!

  2. *Swoons* It’s official, Zavier who? Ok maybe not. I still want a piece of him but he has been replaced!!! I love this Drake! I mean REALLY REALLY!
    That crow made me proud pecking out eyes but um, his ward? Ward as in the crow is a guardian? Interesting!
    Drake seems to know a lot about this unborn baby. Does he know something Zoe doesn’t? While he was dead he was able to see a few future events?

    This was so worth the wait! So intense and action packed!

    I like how Brad didn’t hid his attraction to Sarah still. I LOVE that she was on guard, not ready to forgive him just yet! He has a lot of making up to do and I say be should start by kissing her toes!

    By the way, I bet Zavier and Lily are sitting on some dark beach sipping french blood while all this is going on! They are too quiet!

    • Lol and here I was thinking this chapter didn’t deliver. When I reread it I was sad.

      /shock face :O you said Darke Drake > Zavier?!? Interesting!

      The crow was upset over what he did to the other crow, but the “ward” is Zoe (I just edited that, I realized I said too much :P).

      Yes! You picked up on Drake’s behavior about the child! Since his return and since “discovering” the pregnancy, he has been guarding her relentlessly. Drake knows a lot about what’s going to happen but even he is still in the dark about some things. He has reasons for her not casting magic though he told her one thing that seemed believable, reasons he keeps her inside the house at all times and reasons he plies her with blood!

      Intense and action packed 😀 ❤ thank you! I felt a bit of redundancy so guess what I did? YEP! I deleted the first 3 pages of the last 12 of the season! Rewrite time! It’s just the part about the war I have to redo this time though. The ending I’ve finished and did the images for! YAY! 🙂 But now I have to figure out where the war is going NUU 😦

      Brad is trying a new approach: Open and honest feelings! He wants Sarah and he’ll do what he has to, including kissing toes, to have her. And Sarah won’t be quick to forgive, not after he hurt her, twice! She has to warm to the idea of him being around again.

      Zavier and Lily are running from the big bad but you’re right they’ve been just a little too quiet!

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