S6: Chapter 13: The Measure of Men

“Drake are you sure? Because this is big.”

I only know what I read. If that information is correct then we need to start getting the word out and gathering our forces.”

“Does that include me?”

His eyes went to my stomach before he spoke. “Uh…no, it doesn’t.”

“Drake, I trust you with this deal you made, can’t you offer me the same and let me explore? Or should I call my Mom?” I smiled.

He laughed. “Zoe I made that promise when it was just you. We know how strenuous using your source is on your body. I won’t agree to let you harm my baby also, please no arguments.”

I nodded. “I don’t have to like it though.”

“I tell you what, you can make the phone calls; contact Teresa, Jasmine, Tabitha and even your Mom.”

“Secretarial work? Wouldn’t you rather I just go lay in bed?”


“I actually wasn’t offering.” I said playfully hitting his arm. “I’d like to be involved.”

“Then get to work on those phone calls,” he smiled. “I’m taking Sarah over to see Vanessa. We’ll be back later. Stay inside; I’ll leave the birds here for you.”

I looked out the window and saw them perched just on the ledge staring inside at us. “Yeah I don’t need babysitters…especially foul fowl. They scare me, Drake.”

“They won’t hurt you baby in fact, they will make sure no one harms you.”

He showered and changed clothes. “I’m heading out,” he said. “I won’t be long.” He talked to his baby and kissed me before slipping out the door.

Brad’s eyes hadn’t yet adjusted to the change in light. He was lurking just behind a large dumpster outside of the nightclub Aquarius afraid of stepping into the sun. Every time he felt that burning sensation on his flesh from that brightest star, he cussed Sarah’s name.

He’ll have his revenge. He hurriedly made his way home hopping from one shadow to the next until at last his feet were on the gray cinderblocks that made up his walkway.

He ran to the door and rushed up to his studio. Inside he pulled the bed from the wall, not realizing his new strength and practically pushed it clear through the adjacent wall knocking pictures to the floor.

He ripped open the hidden compartment and pulled out his emergency contact list and dialed the first number.


“It’s Brad. It’s starting; gather everyone and get to Bridgeport. It’s time these vampires realize who really owns the night!”

Without waiting on a reply, he hung up and dropped the phone into his pocket. He dragged the trunk to a table near the wall and began emptying its contents.

Guns, knives, wooden bullets and yes, even holy water with his own special added ingredient; play time was over it was time to get down to business.

There was a knock on the door, Vincent walked down to check it. “What do you want?” he sneered at Sarah.

“My daughter! Where is she?”

Vincent glanced behind her and saw Drake standing near his car waiting for Sarah. “You brought your watchdog?” he laughed.

“Yeah! And I’d love to watch him kick your ass, Vincent! Where’s Vanessa?”

“Upstairs,” he sighed.

Sarah pushed past him and walked up to their baby’s room. “Hi there Mommy’s Angel,” she said picking her up. “Do you want to spend the night with Mommy?”

“You’re not taking her,” Vincent said watching Sarah prepare her baby bag.

“Watch me.”


“Back off, Vincent. You’ve already robbed me of months with her! I’m taking her and there isn’t anything you can do to stop me.”

“Fine. But just for the night. She better be here in the morning or I’ll hunt you down, Sarah.”

She grabbed up a few toys and diapers, scooped Vanessa into her arms and walked out to meet Drake. He ran over to grab the bags from her as she marched Vanessa to his car.

Vincent walked into his bedroom and noticed a picture he’d taken of Zoe sitting on the bedside table. He picked it up and stared at the woman that used to lie on the other side of the bed with him.

He placed it back down and kicked himself for trying so hard to get her memories to return. She was mine.

It had been weeks since he’d seen her. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d gone so long without her. The temptation to call or drive over to see her was so great, but he knew she just needed a cooling off period before she was back with him again and he’d allow her the time she needed, as long as she didn’t take too long.

Vincent draped himself across his armchair, thoughts of Zoe once again plaguing his mind. She was having his baby, that he was sure of. If she really believed he would have no part in their child’s life, she was crazy. He started reminiscing about the life he’d shared with her and how she felt like Vanessa’s mother. They were a real family unit. She cared for his daughter and took care of his needs as well.

His thoughts turned to their intimate moments together. He loved how passionate she was in their lovemaking, always clawing into his back as he lay into her. Remembering how her wriggling form beneath his excited him; the way he’d take control over her flesh and make her moan in pleasure. He felt his pants tighten at the thought. His hand reached down and rubbed at the stiffening reminder that he was still lusting after another man’s wife.

He continued thinking about how satisfied his body felt with her, unzipping his pants to try and relieve the pressure mounting in his groin. He closed his eyes. He could still hear the excitement in her voice when he’d send her into the wildest throes of passion; the way she screamed his name in her numerous moments of gratification. His hand jerked a little faster and he felt himself on the verge of release and stopped suddenly, frustrating himself. There was no pleasure in his climax without her to accept his seed; his happy seed, the one that is now growing inside of her.

And now she wants nothing to do with him and she told him in words that tore him to shreds to hear. His heart was aching. He was hurting now more than ever. He couldn’t even see her; couldn’t get close enough to smell her soft scent or feel her supple lips pressed against his without Drake making good on his promise.

But he needed to. He needed to watch her walk, hear her beautiful voice and smell her sweet vanilla aroma. Fuck it, he thought. Everyone dies sometime. He pulled himself out of the chair, zipped his pants and drove over to see her, maybe for the last time.

Vincent’s red sports car rounded the corner. He hurried up to the door and knocked. “Vincent? Are you hard of hearing? I told you to stay away from me.”

“I’m not here for you. I came to check on how my baby is doing,” he said motioning at my stomach.

“Ok, Vincent, you need to leave, now!” I tried shutting the door but he pushed his way into the living room.

“Drake is going to kill you.”

“Drake’s not here. He’s off with Sarah and Vanessa again leaving you alone in this huge house. What if something happened? What if you needed him and he was off doing whatever the hell he’s doing?”

I felt a bit dizzy and went over to the couch to sit.

“Zo? Are you ok? How are you feeling?”

“Tired and I don’t need you hassling me right now, Vincent. I already have a lot to think about with the hunters just please leave.”

“I didn’t come here to stress you out, ok?” He took a seat next to me. “What hunters are you talking about? I killed those worthless bastards.”

“No, you killed decoys. Brad has a larger group of highly trained vampire hunters and they’ve made some devious plans to get revenge on and rid the world of our kind.”

“I knew I should have killed that prick when I had my hands wrapped around his neck. What kinds of plans? What’s happening?” he inquired trying to get back into the loop.

“Well as far as Brad’s concerned, you can’t throttle him to death any longer, Sarah and Drake turned him. He’s been running the streets. I don’t know where he is. All I do know is that we’re going to be in the middle of a war when his friends find out what happened. Hell, we’ll be in the middle of a war once that toxin reaches enough vampires.”

“War?” his face beamed and reminded me of the first time I met him. Drake asked for his help with a war against Cordelia, his face had the same twisted, ecstatic expression. The man really did love his fight. “So what are they planning?”

“You know that poison Otoah found in Ness? Well they’ve been able to magnify its potency and have placed it in the water supplies in Riverview so far that we know of and the residents are drinking it unknowingly. When the vampires feed on them…”

“They are becoming doe-eyed puppets! Zo do you have any idea what this actually means?”

“Yeah that we are about to face a mob of our kind murdering each other; it’ll be genocide; total annihilation of our kind!”

“You know you’re going to need help, Zo. You and I both know that no matter what we’ve been through I’m always there to defend you. And Drake’s going to need me. It’s just Sarah and him; he’ll never let you help. He’s too overprotective for that, and for once I agree. You shouldn’t be involved in this; something could happen to our child.”

“For the last time, this isn’t your child and I didn’t ask for your help or your opinion.” I stood and walked to the door. “Get out, Vincent.”

He sighed and approached me but paused before walking out. “Wait, you’re blocking your thoughts from me.”

“And? I don’t have to share anything with you.”

“Except the child in your belly.”


“Are you trying to get rid of me because you fear what Drake will do to me? Zo, that’s love! You can’t call it anything else.”

I looked up at him, his eyes smiled at me. I nodded towards the driveway, motioning for him to walk through the door.

“I’ll be around if you need me, I’m just a phone call away.”  Vincent sauntered to his car, a renewed pep in his step, and drove home in better spirits.

There was a knock on Brad’s door. He rushed to open it and greeted his friends with a smile. “Record time!”

He stepped back from the door and allowed them entry. They all came in carrying weapon cases of their own. They began loading, cocking, and testing their weapons.

Brad went over all of the information he was able to uncover. He explained to them everything that happened with Drake, Sarah and Vincent. He showed them maps, blueprints, and other schematics involving his plans for Bridgeport.

“You did a great job, Brad. But there is still one thing that needs to be taken care of.” Korbin turned towards him with his glock aimed at his chest.

He fired a shot and sent a wooden bullet soaring towards Brad’s heart. Four more shots rang out, Brad, utilizing his new found speed dove out of the way  and rushed Korbin knocking the gun to the floor.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, Korbin? “I brought you here to kill them! Not me!”

“You ARE one of them! Did you really think we’d be able to overlook that? Keep you around knowing that at any moment one of us would be your next meal? Don’t be stupid, you trained us better than that!”

“We’re friends, Kor! I’m the same person!”

“No. You’re a monster! You were sympathizing with those creatures long before you were turned! That frame next to your bed speaks volumes!”

“After all these years you’re really going to come at me like that?”

Brad looked over the faces of the other hunters in the room. He could hear their thoughts. The garbled mix of words was only drowned out by the beating of their hearts. Sarah was right. He wanted to feed on all of them; rip out the veins in their neck and drink their life fluids.

He caught his reflection in the mirror before diving out the window. He rushed towards the street looking for safety. They all wanted him dead; he could hear it. His own friends; these were people he’s known forever, Korbin since childhood yet they wanted him dead!

Korbin picked up and reloaded his weapon and went over the other items Brad had laid out on his table. “He’s kept a great arsenal up. We should start preparing for battle. If these older vampires are anything as Brad described them, we’ll need to be on top of our game.”

“Yeah and what about Brad?” Leslie asked in a tender voice. She knew it would be a touchy subject for him; they were the best of friends.

“I’ll take care of him when the time comes. Until then, stay focused on the task at hand: purging this city of the filth that populate it! We’ll start with the one called Sarah.” Korbin brought her picture over for the group to view it, placing it on the weapons table and taking aim with his glock. “She dies first and painfully for what she did to Brad.”

“Should we send the first three in then?” Manny asked.

“Make it happen,” Korbin said.

I’d made contact with Teresa and Jasmine, but my Mom would not be able to help. She was still weakened from her last summoning. I placed my phone on the bedside table and noticed Drake’s car was parked in the yard. I hadn’t even heard him pull up.

I waddled down the stairs and as I reached the bottom, I heard a commotion outside by the pool. I walked towards the sound of the scuffle. It was Drake and three vampires I’ve never seen before. They were each throwing punches and kicks and trying their best to take him down.

I watched a little longer, he really was stronger. These vampires all looked of significant age; they were fast, they were strong, they were agile but Drake held his own…until they wizened up. They decided to attack from either side of him to throw him off balance.

As they charged for him, his hands created large balls of fire and he sent one rocketing towards the vampire on his left.

Instantly he went up in flames and became a large smudge on the ground.

I gasped and caught Drake’s attention. He turned to face me and for a split second the other two got the upper hand.

His body became engulfed in flames. He burned bright and hot and roasted the one that had grabbed him.

I continued watching wide eyed as he made short, fiery work of the last one. He turned off his flames and approached me.

“Drake what was that?”

“Ok, don’t freak out. I know I said no more secrets but I didn’t quite know how to explain this.”

“Don’t freak out? You shot fire from your hands! You were made of fire!”

“I know baby. Relax, please, calm down. I thought you were in bed. I can explain this.”



“That was cool.”


“It scared the crap out of me seeing those guys attacking you like that, but what you did, how you did it; I’m not worried and I’m not scared. Honestly I’m relieved. I feel better.”


“It  may sound weird, but I was worried about you, us. You won’t let me get involved with this war and Teresa, Jasmine and Tabitha are limited because I’m the one that houses the source. I thought we would lose. But seeing this, watching you, I feel much better. And excuse the pun, but that was pretty hot.”

“Hot?” he raised his eyebrows and grabbed me hard before leaning me over and kissing me and for a moment, I could swear I felt sparks.

“Zoe you never cease to amaze me. I love you so much. I really thought you were about to bite my head off,” he said letting me slip out of his arms. “Now get back to bed!”


He laughed.

“So it’s begun?” I asked.

“So it seems.”


10 responses to “S6: Chapter 13: The Measure of Men

  1. Oh my God that was friggin sexy!!!!!!!! Cold shower, I need one right now!

    Brad is a dummy. All the hate he displayed for vampires and all the hate he was breeding…he really thought that he would be an exception? Boo Bitch boo!

    Did I mention how sexy the fire thing was?

    • Drake hasn’t really shown what he can do yet. There is more in store for B.A.D. And LOL Zoe would get burned! He wouldn’t do that to her. She did find security in his new talents but again, she is playing the “agreeable” wife right now because he won’t let her do anything else. She is still scared of what she saw and fearful of what other secrets Drake has yet to disclose.

      Brad wasn’t thinking. He really believed that he hadn’t changed and his friends would support him regardless. He believed his best friend would sincerely stick by his side. Now he is learning the harsh realities of his prejudice and seeing first hand the damage that fear can cause. And that’s not even all!

      Vincent’s decision is coming soon.

      Poor Sarah once again under fire, but this time she won’t be alone. That stewpot will have PLENTY of company.

      And Qui, if you liked that, you’re going to love Chapters 14 and 15.

  2. SUCK IT, BRAD!!!! LOL!

    Awesome first shot in the war! Can’t wait to see the rest of the B*A*D arsenal! Clever, clever Zoe, but I bet she didn’t have to pretend too hard to be turned on!
    Awesome pics!

    • LOL Brad is getting his just desserts. He not only is seeing how life was for Sarah, but every other vampire he hated. The funny thing is he doesn’t know that all vampires don’t kill, some compel. He saw them as murderous monsters because of what happened to his mom.

      Zoe was intrigued by Drake’s new surge of power. But we’ll also see that she was a bit scared because something that big he kept from her and even lied to her about telling her he had no more secrets. Now she’ll be wondering what else lies dormant just beneath the surface.

  3. vincent really gets on my nerves. im sorry but he’s just like that annoying fly that keeps buzzing in your ear and wont die!
    as for brad. now you’re a vamp and your best friend wants to kill you!
    that should teach him a lesson! hate is not cool! lol he got what was coming for him and im sure theres still a lot more to come

    • Vincent will stop being so dramatic about his feelings soon. There are a few storylines coming to an end and also old wounds are going to be reopened. Once Vincent has made the decision that changes his, Zoe’s and Drake’s relationships, we’ll see things kind of calm down a bit.

      Brad is totally getting a taste of his own medicine! He’ll have a much harder time than most since he has elevated feelings of hate, guilt and love for Sarah. We’ll see this eat away at him and what his role will be in the upcoming war.

  4. I really like the juxtaposition of Drake, fire-shooting vampire and Drake, belly-rubbing dad -to-be. He is a multi-faceted fellow.

    • LOL I hear he’s bipolar a lot! He is only evil and quite so to those that are trying to hurt him or his family. He would never want to cause Zoe any pain so he always has a smile on his face for her and the baby.

  5. Ohh I love this 🙂
    I found very upbeat and exciting. Might I add, drake is a Hottiiee!!
    and Zoe is just a cute little pregnant girl lol

    Keep it up!

    • Thank you for reading it Bri!

      I’m surprised you thought it was upbeat 😛 And Drake had to undergo a few makeovers. For the longest time I was afraid of touching him because he was always unrecognizable when I did…but I bit the bullet and it turned out great!

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