S6: Chapter 01: Forget Me Not

“Zo?” Vincent said rushing into the front door. “We have to talk, please! I can’t stop thinking about…” he entered into the living room and stopped in his tracks when he saw Drake’s lifeless corpse in my lap. “What the fuck is this? What the fuck happened?” he asked approaching me.

“GET AWAY FROM ME! This is your fault! This is because of you! Why couldn’t you just leave me alone? Why didn’t you just stay in France and let Drake and me be happy? You killed him! You and Lily and whatever deals you made with Zavier! You got your wish and now he’s gone!”

“Zo I didn’t want this! I didn’t do this! As much as it kills me to not have you the way I’ve wanted I would never put this kind of pain in your heart, ever! I asked Zavier to back off! He promised me no harm to you or Drake!” he came closer to me as he spoke and I could smell Zavier all over him.


“Zo please…”


Vincent reluctantly backed away and walked out the front door. He drove with a purpose to the penthouse Zavier now shared with Lily.

He kicked the door in and found him in bed with her, no doubt celebrating the finality of their plans.

“What the fuck did you do?” Vincent demanded ignoring the angry glare he got from Lily for the interruption.

“Vincent! Buddy! Come on in. It’s not like I was busy or anything.” Zavier stood up and grabbed a towel to wrap around his waist.

“What did you do, Zavier?”

“I did exactly what you wanted me to. I got rid of the person standing in your way, Brother. You and I both knew this was the way it had to be. I mean really? Banishing him to some other plane would not have done you justice. You had a soft spot for him no matter how much you fought, and I knew you couldn’t get the job done.”

“I never wanted Drake dead! I would have never wanted Drake dead!”

“This is why I did it for you or rather had Lily take it upon herself. I know you, Vincent. You’re happier with the circumstances as they are now. Now you can take Zoe as you’ve always wanted. She’s free, she’s yours and your relationship won’t be threatened if somehow Drake found his way home again!”

“Happier? Zo thinks I made this happen; she wants nothing to do with me. Why would you do this, Zavier?”

“She’ll come around, Vincent, trust me,” he said nodding at Lily, “They always do. It may have taken her a few hundred years, but Lily finally realized everything I’ve ever done was for her, for us. Zoe will figure that out as well. It just takes time.”

“Fuck time and fuck what you think you know! Fix this, Zavier!”

“Are you issuing commands to me, Vincent? After what I’ve done for you, you should be on your hands and fucking knees thanking me! Get out of here before I lose my temper and you lose your head!”

“Don’t fucking threaten me you son of a bitch! We had a deal and not once did I ever agree to you killing Drake! I thought you were afraid of her tapping into her full power and coming after you! We were working this so she didn’t know whose hands were in it, remember?”

“And that worked until you went blabbing to her about everything! Or most everything; I did notice you were still unable to be 100% truthful.”

Vincent looked at him curiously.

“I watched you too, Vincent. There’s a sentry in your home. I told you, I look over my investments. I have to know who I can trust. Don’t worry Brother; I don’t look at your confession to the witch as betrayal. She just makes you do things; I understand that more than you know.” He again glanced over his shoulder at Lily.

“Zo knows it was you! She’ll use the source you’ve been dying to get your hands on and take you out!”

“And who would be next? She does blame you for this!”

“Let her kill me! At least the misery would be ended.” He turned and exited the room.

Vincent had no idea how to fix any of it or repair the damage done but he knew he had to figure something out, fast; if not for Zoe then to clear his own conscience. He got home and pulled up the Riverview directory on his computer. St. Marks, he thought scanning the pages. Teresa may be able to help. Help me…yeah right. But it was worth a shot.

He located her number and started dialing, pacing as he did. Anxious to hear her answer, afraid of what she’d say, she’ll probably blame me too, hell I think I blame myself.

…“This had better be some God awful nightmare…” Teresa said answering the phone.

“I’m sorry to bother you, but I…Drake and Zoe need help.” He began to explain everything from start to finish, as if she couldn’t just see for herself.

“So is there anything I can do?”

Before she had the chance to answer, the phone disconnected. “I don’t think that’s such a great idea, Vincent.” Lily said appearing in the room. “She doesn’t know who you are talking about. Zavier has gone through great lengths to ensure that we all get what we want. Why can’t you be happy and go after what you’ve wanted the most? She’s waiting for you, you know. Zavier went to make sure of it,” she smiled.

“What the hell are you talking about Lily? What is he up to now?”

“Go find out!”

Vincent rushed out of the house and back to Drake’s.

“Zo? Zo where are you?” he yelled entering into the foyer.

“Hey Vincent,” I said running up, throwing my arms around him and kissing his lips, he seemed surprised. “What are you screaming for?”


“Yes Vincent?”

“What’s gotten into you?”

“What do you mean silly? Nothing, I’m fine.”

“Zo have you seen Zavier? I just had a talk with Lily and…”

“Vincent! We’ve been wondering when you’d get here! See Zoe, I told you he’d come home soon! Nothing to worry about,” Zavier said joining me near the front door.

“Yeah, you were right, Zavier, I don’t know why I worry so much about him.”

“Well I guess I’ll leave you two lovebirds. Vincent, walk me out please,” Zavier said exiting with Vincent out the front door.

“What’s going on, Zavier?”

“After the outburst you had at my home, I seriously contemplated just ending you myself, but Lily convinced me otherwise. She said you never had the chance at what you really wanted and I realized she was right. Then there was also the matter of Zoe using her full magic against us. No way was I going to let that happen, everything has finally fallen into place for me. So, I had one of my broods use the Vale charm to cast a blinding spell on Zoe. They erased her memories of Drake and all she knows now is her love for you and the life she wants to share with you. No need to thank me, think of it as a gift from your big Brother,” he smiled wickedly.

“I don’t want this Zavier; I don’t want her like this. Reverse the spell. I want her to want me because of me, not because of something you did to her.”

“No Vincent, you misunderstood. I did nothing to affect her emotions for you. What you see is her open and unfiltered love. The only thing I did was remove all instances of Drake from her mind. I tweaked her memories just a tad because as I recall, it was Drake that first introduced you two.”

“This is how she’d be had she not met Drake, pure and 100% yours. Now you can do what you want, fight to restore Drake’s memory if that is your wish or enjoy the relationship you’ve always wanted. Take it or leave it, but again, this is my gift to you. Hopefully now I’ll see the old Vincent come back again. The one I truly called Brother.”

“Vincent sweetie,” I said stepping out on the porch. “I’m getting a little hungry, do you want to go somewhere and hunt?”

“She’s all yours, Vincent,” Zavier whispered in his ear. “Enjoy!” he got into his car and drove off.

Vincent stood in quiet contemplation before joining me in the entryway. “Zo?”

“Yes?” I replied smiling. “Are you not hungry? And don’t lie; I can hear your tummy rumbling!” I poked his midsection.

He smiled at me. “I love you Zo.”

“I love you too, Vincent.”

He looked at me with surprise before deciding his next move. “Zo, do you feel different?”

“Different? I’m not sure I follow. What I feel is hunger pangs and my organs shutting down from lack of nutrients.”

He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me. “Mmm, baby, you’re kissing me like you were gone forever. Are you feeling ok? I think I should be asking what’s gotten into you.”

“Nothing, beautiful, I’m just really…happy.” He kissed me again.

“Yeah, I can feel that!”

He laughed. “Let’s go get something to eat; we can take care of that later, if you’re willing.”

We headed downtown and Vincent had me wait out back as he went inside to find someone to eat.

“Want to play a game, Zo?” he asked coming out with one of the bar patrons.

“What kind of game?”

“Hide and eat. Whichever one of us can hunt this guy down first gets first bite,” he smiled.

“Wait, that’s not exactly fair. You have like 300 years on me! Your hunting skills are far better and you’re quicker!”

“Ok fine, I’ll give you a head start.”

He let the guy go and he went running down the alley, but he didn’t scream, Vincent “convinced” him to be a quiet target.

I started after him, stopped in my tracks and turned back towards Vincent. I put my arms to his neck, pulled him into a kiss and then went after dinner.

I found him hovering near a large garbage bin behind the club. Vincent came up behind me shortly. “Looks like you win,” he smiled.

“I know I cheated. I distracted you,” I laughed.

“So that’s what the kiss was for? You tricky little witch!” he smiled playfully stroking my cheek.

Vincent and I took turns feeding before heading back home.

“That was actually pretty fun! We should do that more often. I understand now the games you play in Barnacle Bay, Vinny.”

“Vinny?” he smirked. “I don’t think anyone’s ever called me that.”

“I call you that all the time!”

He took my hand and walked me to the couch, “Tell me stories. How did we meet?”

“Don’t you ever get enough of that?”

“No. Never. Indulge me, please.”

“Fine,” I smiled. “We met at your nightclub, the Crypt. My best friend Samantha and I wandered in one night when we first got to town which for me turned into a disaster…well of course aside from meeting you. I was dancing with some guy and noticed your gaze; you were staring at me almost the entire night.”

“Finally you decided to approach me, introduced yourself, and gave me some wild fantasy about vampires and witches and who I reminded you of, Agnes. Of course I didn’t believe you, so Sam and I left hoping to get away from your crazy ass, but you followed us.”

“We were attacked on the way home and you killed three men right in front of us; completely ripped them to shreds with your bare hands! You did something to Samantha, which I found later to be compulsion, and made her return to Riverview shortly after and you and I talked more about vampires and witches. It’s because of you that I realized what I really was.”

“Anyway, that same week, I returned home one night and there was someone waiting in my apartment. You must have smelled or sensed me in danger because you bolted back to my place and killed the intruder. Only after he’d stabbed me and as I lay on the ground dying you…”

“I turned you.”

I nodded. “You made me like you; trained me and taught me everything I know. Are you staying the night?”

“Do you want me to?”

“It’s rude to answer a question with a question Vincent. I’d love to have you over though. Are you going to check on Vanessa first?”

“Vanessa,” Vincent smiled. “Wait, how long have we been together, Zo?”

“You know most girls would eat a guy alive for not remembering that!”

“My mind is a little fuzzy.”

“So I’ve noticed. It’ll be a year in March.”

That would mean I cheated on you to have Vanessa…that has to go.

“And I forgave you for that! I thought we weren’t going to discuss that again.”

“You heard me?”

“Ok, that’s it. I’m calling Zavier.”

I grabbed my cell phone and punched in Zavier’s number, he appeared behind me just as quickly as I pressed the send button.

“Why did you do that, Zo?”

“Because you are freaking me out! What’s wrong with him Zavier?”

“Vincent’s fine, Zoe. I told you he may be a little confused when he came home. I sent him out to find someone for me and they are known tricksters. They play mind games. Everything will come back to him. Just give him some time,” he smiled.

“We need to talk, Zavier,” Vincent said.

“Excuse us, Zoe,” Zavier smiled. “If you need anything else you know how to reach me.”

Zavier and Vincent walked outside and stood in the back yard. “A little knowledge about everything you changed would have been nice,” Vincent started.

“Yeah but where’s the fun in that? You’re discovering Zoe all over again. Isn’t that delightful?”

“No. And I don’t want her this way either. I can’t have a real conversation without wondering if what I am saying makes sense or not, she thinks I’m crazy. Give her the memories back, I can handle her.”

“Vincent I’m not going to do that.”

“Yes you are Zavier. I want her to remember who she is, what our REAL relationship was like and what happened to Drake. Slip a memory in slowly, I can explain as we go along, but I can’t have her this way. She seems too…Stepford to me. I want to see her emotions the way they used to be. I enjoyed the shyness in her kiss; the way she knew it was wrong but still allowed herself to enjoy it.”

“Fine. I’ll take it into consideration.”

“No. Do it. Start tonight. I don’t want her to think I cheated on her to have Vanessa. I’d never do that, not to Zo. I don’t want that memory in our relationship. You can’t offer me the girl of my dreams and then alter her mental state.”

Zavier nodded. “I’ll see it done.”

Vincent walked back into the house. He stood silently behind me, watching me organize the bookshelf.

He grabbed me and held my gaze. “Are you happy with me, Zo?”

I laughed. “Yes of course! Extremely happy!”

He pulled me closer and I could feel his erection press against my stomach.

“I want you too, Vinny,” I said acknowledging his growing demand.

He kissed me. I ran my fingers through his hair and held his head perfectly against mine. He pulled away. “No. No wait. I can’t do this. This isn’t right. This isn’t you, Zo.”

“What are you talking about, Vincent? Of course this is me!” I pulled him back to me. His tongue pressed hard against my lips and I moaned with every touch of his mouth. He pulled away again.

“We can’t yet.”

“Why not, Vinny? Don’t you want me?”

“Of course I do, God, more than you know. I just want…need Zavier to fix a few things first. This doesn’t feel right, Zo. I’m sorry.”

I rubbed my hand along his jeans, tracing the outline of his throbbing member with my fingertips, “It feels right to me,” I said stroking his stiffness. I heard a moan escape his throat, his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he smiled at me.

He pressed me against the wall and his fingers quickly ran over the soft material of my shirt before pulling it off over my head and with the same haste, he had my shorts off. His tongue worked perfectly in sync with mine and his lips, though soft, were forcefully pushing into me.

He backed off just slightly to remove his shirt before pushing me back into position. He sucked on my bottom lip as his hands ran against my back.

His fingers quickly and skillfully undid the clasp on my bra and he brought his hands to my chest, gently massaging my breasts; his fingers rubbing my nipples, causing me to moan in response. He brought his mouth to my nipples and playfully licked them, showing both generous attention before bringing his lips to mine again.

“Are you sure you want this, Zo?” he asked, his eyes burning into mine. “I’m always sure, Vincent,” I moaned my reply. My fingers feverishly ran through his hair as his lips kissed up and down my neck and chest. His hands squeezed my ass tightly as he pressed me harder against the wall; his grip running up my sides. He propped my leg on his hip and pushed himself forward. I shifted my weight as he grabbed my other leg and wrapped it around his back. His hands went to his belt and he quickly undid the buckle. “Not here,” I said anxiously.

His throbbing arousal seemed more urgent and his bare chest pressed firmly against me. I ran my hands along the muscles in his back as he continued kissing me, his tongue danced around mine and I felt my own desire to have him. How quickly can you get me up the stairs? I thought to him not wanting his lips to part mine.

He pulled away and looked at me before responding in kind. Zo, I’m over 300 years old.

Is this quick enough? He asked as we stood in the middle of the bedroom. I smiled. My hands rubbed down his body and I ran my fingers along the button on his jeans, toying with him; gently sliding my fingers around the seams, zipping and unzipping them. I gripped his hardness from the outside and rubbed my knee slightly against his crotch.

He smiled at me. “You’re not playing very nice, Zo.”

He kicked off his boots and nearly ripped his jeans off, no longer able to stand my teasing touch. He threw me onto the bed and lowered himself onto me. He took his time, kissing my neck, my shoulders and my chest.

His lips slid gently down my stomach and he stopped at my navel. He kissed gently around my belly button, his hands gripping my hips. His teeth tugged at my lace panties and he began removing them, sliding them delicately down my thighs.  He kissed his way back up my stomach and slowly worked to my mouth.

“Tell me you love me,” he said, his eyes locked on mine.

“I love you Vincent,” I replied in breathless anticipation. He reached his hand between my legs and guided himself inside of me. His moans got richer with every inch that slipped deeper, his lips kissed at my neck and pressed gently to my mouth. I sighed breathlessly as he rested on top of me; his body perfectly still; filling me completely. He smiled at me and kissed my forehead; gazing into my eyes as he waited for just the right moment to stir. Finally he started to move; smoothly melding himself inside of me as my body welcomed his thrusts.

I gasped at the feeling of his stiff arousal probing me, reaching deep and awakening me to pleasures I never thought possible. I grit my teeth and wrapped my legs around his back, pulling him deeper into me. My head fell back as I enjoyed the feel of his toned physique rubbing against me, effortlessly bringing me to orgasm after orgasm.

“Look at me, Zo.” I brought my eyes to his. “I want to watch you enjoy yourself.” For countless hours he pushed himself at me, clinging tightly to my hips and bracing himself with one hand while his body collided with mine. My nails dug into the soft flesh on his back and I watched as he instantly healed.

I could feel the rays from the morning sun pouring down on spots in the bed. My hand slid into a beam and the heat burned me, I jerked back in pain. Vincent grabbed my hand and kissed the sun touched area all the while grinding his hips deeper into mine.

“Please Vincent, no more,” I begged him to stop. “No more of this?” he asked pulling out until just the tip touched my delicate areas. “Or this?” he thrust in me with force and I shrieked in pleasure. I was met with a satisfactory grin. My body felt sensitive in all the right places and just a small flick sent me into convulsions of pure delight. My requests seemed to fuel his fire making him want to pleasure me more; continue with the onslaught of sheer satisfaction. Vincent knew all the right places to touch me and wasn’t afraid of showing it.

“Say it again,” he ordered.

“I love you Vincent,” I wailed. His pace quickened and I could sense he was on the verge of coming. He was grunting with an animalistic lust and he began pumping me faster, more desperate and I felt his release. He shuddered on top of me and guttural groans escaped his throat; a look of complete fulfillment crowned his face. He continued thrusting himself between my legs; the vibration of his climax sent me into another orgasm.

He slid his sweat moistened body off of mine slightly and pulled me into his arms. He stared at me for the longest time. “I can’t begin to describe how long I’ve wanted to do that.” He kissed my hand again. “Does it still hurt?”

“I can’t feel anything except tingles in my entire body.”

“I promised you wouldn’t be disappointed,” he smirked.

My head found his shoulder and I rested on top of him.

“I could really get used to this, Zo.”

“Vince, if that’s your idea of a proposal, you’d better work on it.” He smiled at the thought.

His phone rang in his jeans which he’d thrown clear across to the other side of the room. “If it’s important, they’ll call back,” he said snuggling closer to me.

And they did. Right after the phone stopped, it started all over again. He sighed before reluctantly getting up from the bed to grab it. “What is it?” he barked into the receiver.

…“Vincent you called me!…” Teresa yelled back at him.

How quickly did he forget indeed the call he placed to the seer. “I forgot I’m sorry. I’m still working on some things here. I’ll call you when I can figure out more.” He hung up and quickly dialed Zavier’s number.

…“Vincent! How are things going with Zoe…?”

“We have a problem. I may have called Teresa a few minutes before Lily informed me of your plans. She’s trying to figure out how to reverse everything that’s happened.”

…“Vincent…tsk tsk. Don’t worry about the psychic. Lily told me what you did, I’ve been handling her. Trust me, what I have planned for her; she’ll never see coming…

I heard Vincent let off a sound of relief before hanging up the phone. He placed it near the bedside table and hopped back in bed with me.

“Is everything ok?” I asked.

“Never better, beautiful,” he kissed my forehead and pulled me back into his arms. I laid my head on his shoulder again and closed my eyes. “It’s morning out,” I remarked.

Vincent laughed. “You should try and get some rest. I’ll wake you for lunch.”

I awoke hours later and found Vincent in the dining room talking to Zavier.  Vanessa was in the playpen close by enjoying the new toys Daddy bought her. “Good afternoon, gorgeous.” Vincent said standing and kissing me.

“Hey, you sleep well?” Zavier asked.

“I feel well rested, thank you.”

Vincent’s lips met my neck and he kissed at the nape, hugging me tighter as he did. I got goose bumps feeling his beard rubbing across my skin. “I love you Zo.”

I turned to face him and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Do you want to go out for food?”

“Sure, anything you want.”

“Barnacle Bay?”

“The Bay?”

“Yes. I was thinking about it last night.”

He smiled. “Sure, under one condition: you play another game with me.”

“Of course,” I smiled. “I’d love to.”

“How about we wait until dinner time? The games are more fun with the cover of night.”

“That’s fine.” I grabbed a fruit from the table and walked into the den to watch television leaving them to talk. Vincent joined me shortly and we enjoyed a movie or two together until around 5pm.

Lily and Zavier came back before we were leaving. Vincent had asked that they watch Vanessa for a few hours. He’d called Sarah, but she never replied to his text or multiple voicemail messages. “See this is why I can’t be forgiving Zo. What kind of woman won’t see her child?”

“It is possible her phone is dead.”

“You can’t help but give her the benefit of the doubt, can you? Can you honestly say there was no way for her to suspect what was going to happen?”

“No, I can’t say that with any degree of certainty, but how can you be so sure that she purposely put Ness in harms’ way?”

“Because she should have known! Look, I don’t want to sour our evening ok? Can we drop it?”

I nodded.

He drove us to his place before heading out to the Bay.

“What’s in the bag?”

“Supplies, you’ll see.” He took my hand in his as he drove. His thumb and index finger rubbed across my flesh in between the small kisses he placed on my knuckles.

We arrived in Barnacle Bay in just under 3 hours. Vincent again hid the car in a few bushes.

He grabbed the bag he’d prepared from the backseat and escorted me to a small public restroom just up the street in a local park.

“Put this on,” he said handing me a pirate costume.


“It’ll be fun, trust me,” he grinned.

“Fine but you don’t have anything that’s more…female?”

“Zo? I usually did this alone…why would I have women’s clothing?”

“Just thought I’d ask.”

“You get to wear the hat at least!”

“But the eye patch is cooler!”

I climbed into the pirates’ costume and joined him at the curb. He was dressed as a captain of some long lost ship and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Oh is that so?” he looked at me with a smile. “Have you seen yourself, Zo?”

“Vincent, if I look half as ridiculous as you, please stake me now!”

He kissed me. “Don’t ever say that. I could never stand to let anything happen to you.”

“It was just a joke,” I smiled. “Are we ready?”

“We have to wait for a little less light, and we’ll head off to the bar.”

“And in the meantime?”

“In the meantime,” he took my hand in his. “We wait,” he said with seductive eyes.

“Aye aye, Cap’n!” I said with a salute.

Darkness fell and we quickly reached the tavern. We didn’t have to worry about entering in because as we neared the alley, there was a couple making out near the dumpster. “Wow can they get any less romantic than that?” I asked.

“Well…let’s teach them a lesson,” he said grabbing the guy and tossing him to the ground. The girl screamed and he grabbed her face. “No, don’t scream and don’t look for help. Just run before I kill you, let the panic and fear take you.”

She stopped screaming and took off towards the center of town. Vincent walked towards the guy she was with and compelled him just the same.

“Ready, Zo?” he took my hand and we walked towards the area they’d run. “Which one did you want?”

“Whichever one I find first,” I said pushing him and taking off.

“YOU’RE A BIG CHEATER!” he shouted after me.

I found the guy ducking behind a row of bushes behind the bank. He was scared and his heartbeat was like music to my ears. It drew me closer, each pump made me crave him and I became desperate for a taste of what was hidden within his veins.

I saw Vincent just up the alley. He’d found the girl and was bringing her towards me. He stopped just as he reached the guy, smiled at him and then viciously tore into her neck. She pushed and slapped at him trying to get him off. Her squirming only made him sink his teeth in further.

He bled her dry and tossed her body behind the bushes. “Are you not going to dine, Zo?” he asked innocently, blood dripping from his lips.

“No, please don’t,” the man begged. I grabbed him and leaned him over before lacerating his soft flesh with my fangs. I began sucking the blood from his neck. The adrenaline seemed to elevate the flavor of the blood coursing through him. Vincent watched as I ripped open his vein and drained him. I felt his heart rate begin to decrease and finally he released; gasping, his last breath was a soft sigh.

I let his dead body fall to the ground and looked over at Vincent, he smiled at me. “YES! That’s the killer instinct I knew was in you, Zo.”

“You taught me well, Vinny.”

Vincent walked over and tilted my head to direct my eyes to his. “You did great baby.” He rubbed my chin with his thumb and kissed me. I could taste her on his lips, her blood was sweet and his tongue was sensuous. He rolled it playfully around mine and I licked at the remnants of blood in his mouth. His hands ran down my sides and he grabbed my ass and squeezed me into him, his fingers rested perfectly on the edge of each cheek. I moaned as I began to taste him and I felt his body react to the sounds.

He pulled his lips from mine, “Ready to go?” he led me back to the car.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” he asked as we drove home.

“Yes, the games are fun.”

He laughed. “I’m glad you’re happy,” he took my hand in his again.

We pulled up to a house in the hills and Vincent punched a code into the front gate.

“Where are we? You own this place too?”

He smiled and led me up the drive. “I figured we should have a fresh start in a new place.”

“Vincent, are you asking me to move in with you? And if so, what’s wrong with my place? Or yours?”

“Bad memories, plus I just want a place that’s completely ours; yours, mine and Vanessa’s. I have several other homes here if you want to look at all of them, but I know you and I know you’ll love this one.”


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  1. Whoa! I was still getting over the shock of the last chapter and now this. I need to slip into an alcohol induced coma. So much happened in this, so much I can’t get my head around.

    Lily is such a bitch.I honestly didn’t see the bombshell with her, at all. Vincent is hot and cold, and Zavier has stayed true to his form. He’s one character who’s stayed constant throughout season 5, but with your mystery skills, I’m on the edge of my seat, wondering where the next surprise will come from.

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    • Sorry about that! I know it was a lot to take in and everything seemed to happen rather quickly after the first text message I was somewhat afraid a lot of the details would slip between the cracks.

      Lily is majorly psycho to switch out on Drake after hating Zavier for hundreds of years, but there is a thin line between love and hate and his stealing a kiss and reminding her of the times they did enjoy one another’s company helped change her feelings. I wanted to show that, but I knew it would reveal way too much and give away the ending of the season.

      Drake’s heart and body was disposed of by Zavier’s witches once he had them cast the blinding spell on Zoe. He had to get rid of the evidence as well. Zoe’s devotion isn’t too much from the spell, as Zavier said, it is her unfiltered reaction to him with no Drake around. But the fact that she has no idea that she was married (though she still wears his necklace) does play a part in her blinding love for Vincent.

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      The love scene made me anxious. I just knew that was Sim porn and I wanted to avoid that BUT I wanted to show Vincent’s undying passion for Zoe and the way he’d finally got to be with her. It’s funny because as I had it written Qui and I discussed it in length but I didn’t want to just come right out and say it then that they’d had sex already and it was dynamic LOL

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    Let me just tell you how AMAZING you are for being able to switch things up like this! Had I tried it, it wouldn’t have made much sense!!

    😥 Drake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HAHA I’m glad you like that, I tried it at first with the hair and again the pubes just didn’t look right…so he’s a baldy too haha I really wish I could find a good nudy skin!

      Jazz, Tabitha, Sarah are all kind of dealing with their own messes. Jazz and Tabitha are learning/tutoring, but as you recall, Zoe made mention that IF Zavier ever found out about her, Tabitha could hopefully have her well prepared for any face off! Sarah is a bit distracted with the constant intake of tainted blood from Brad, we’ll see more of her soon, but she is in no shape to help anyone, let alone herself.

      I loved the cat/mouse game between Vincent and Zoe it was one of my favorite storylines.

      Thank you for the compliment! I was so hoping not to have to hide under chairs for this finale LOL because it scared me so bad to have to kill Drake! I’m glad I was able to do the switch and have it make sense!

      Sorry ❤

  3. ~ Very HOT! Vincent & Zoe! 😉
    ~ I am still going OMG!!!
    ~ Loved it though!
    ~ I wonder when I will wake-up from this dream???????…………(“,)
    ::Invisible car space,at MTS! by GiveTheNineARide!

    • I was a tad nervous about that because it seemed to be borderline porn LOL

      Oh thank you for that I actually had it to where it was hidden but I didn’t use that image then I noticed that afterwards LOL! But thank you for the link 😀

  4. Wow! After a night to dwell on Drake’s death, I have to say I didn’t really believe it. I was sure it was another mind game, until Vincent saw it, too.

    It’s so sad that she doesn’t remember him at all, and that there wasn’t a Drake Jr for her to at least have a msall part of him live on. (!)

    With that out of the way, I have to say that I like the play between Zoe and Vinny. He had his mind set to having her know the truth, but when he saw what his life with her could be, he lost his nerve and enjoyed the ride. I still have to wonder if his guilt will allow him to continue with his fantasy life with Zoe.

    Zavier might call him brother, but now he owes Zavier big time, and he won’t let him forget it. Especially when Zavier comes to collect Zoe to tap into the source, and Vincent sees first hand the toll it takes on her.

    In a way, Vincent did cause all of this with his blinding love for Zoe. It had him so twisted up inside, that he walked the wrong path to have it at any cost. As much as I love him, I can’t help but think there’s a cost for him, too.
    (aside from losing the only real friend he had)

    You did a very brave thing as a writer, something I don’t think I’d have the courage to do. But you did it perfectly, and you committed to it, and I applaud you.

    • Yeah Drake is really dead 😦 and poor Zoe is made to forget he ever existed!

      Hmmm…Lily was unfortunately easy to betray her friend and there is more to come on her and what role she played in this and how she made such a major turn around. The Zavier/Lily relationship is VERY volatile, he’s the first Vamp ever but she is the second!! Something not really played on…she was the only one that could take him in hand to hand, but now she is working with him!

      Zoe and Vincent’s relationship will be very fun! He has a sick and twisted sense of humor and can be himself around her. And since Zavier made her believe they have been together for quite some time, she shares his blood lust and desire to kill, so we are going to see a very dark Zoe this season unfortunately. Vincent did have his mind set on her getting the truth, and that never changed. He made Zavier give her back her memories, we’ll see them start to return slowly. The only thing is he did kind of forget his “we can’t do this yet, it’s not right” the moment her hand rubbed him, he felt nothing but lust and wanted her so he took it. She is his weakness as he’s stated before. He succumbed to the desire raging for her. You hit on a major part about him as well. He loves her utterly to the fact that he wants her to be happy, we’ll see how his emotions play a role in the next few chapters.

      Zavier does think of him as family, the closest thing he has ever had to anything real like that so he does try and agree to things to please Vincent…to a degree. He would not be above killing him if he deemed it necessary. Zavier has his own thoughts and WILL use the favors Vincent has asked for on behalf of Zoe to his advantage against him. The thing you said about Zoe being “friendly” funny enough he will discover and find strange…I actually think that happens tomorrow, he’ll dig a little deeper to figure things out as well.

      Thank you so much for the compliment 😀 I am so happy it was well received. I was completely dreading that finale, that’s why I asked if you were ready before posting it LOL

  5. It is difficult getting used to Zo in this state of mind. I love their pirate ruse.

    • Yes, and only darkness is in her future now with Zavier not only being puppeteer but whispering in her ear like they are old friends!!

      LOL I love Vincent’s sick sense of humor so it’s tons of fun to play around with him 😛

  6. ~ So what the older Zoe said,to Drake,(& he did not listen!) came true????
    ~ When they used the time machine!(“,)

    • It had been a while since those events and so much more occurred between then that his mind wasn’t on what she had told him. But yes, it did. And now the chain of events she was referring has started to take place.

  7. I’d always wanted Zoe to be with Vincent but it’s so weird since Zoe isn’t who we knew anymore. I couldn’t believe it when Zoe called Zavier about Vincent! I wonder how are her “new” relationships with Jasmine and Teresa since Drake had to do with both of them. Looking forward for Chapter 2! 😉

    • Zoe has changed thanks to Zavier’s mind tricks, though most of what’s different is anything involving Zavier’s previous behavior towards her and anything related to Drake. Everything else remained the same, her friendships, relationships and almost her attitude. Though we’ll see that change a bit as this season progresses as well for a number of reasons.

      I’ve always thought the Zoe/Vincent relationship would be a great one. I have to honestly say I believe he loves her way more than Drake does and it’s mostly due to the fact that he’s never loved or been loved before so he is putting 100% of himself in his emotions for her. I love their interactions together…so fun to write 🙂

      • Then I guess I just hope that even though her attitude might change through the season, she will still love Vincent; otherwise I’ll get the Heart-Broken moodlet…. 😉 hahaha

      • LOL! That I can promise won’t change 🙂 She’ll always love him. When I was speaking about her attitude, I was mostly talking about her adjusting to the thoughts that Zavier gave her and becoming darker…more evil in a way. You can see a little of this in today’s release of Chapter 2.

        I don’t want you to get a Heart-Broken moodlet lol!

  8. So he’s really dead? Really?
    OMG! That’s horrible! *runs screaming from the thread*
    I mean, he protected her family for centuries. I feel HORRIBLE!
    Well, Lily and Zavier have to die now…After Zoe tortures them in the torture chamber <— Good Idea!

    • He died alright 😦 it was unfortunate for everyone especially Zoe who gets a little taken by Zavier and Lily…though Vincent does little to help her as well…kinda.

      Torture in the chamber? Sounds like an interesting plan!

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