S5: Chapter 13: Temptations

Drake lay on top of me, delicately stroking my hair. “I get so lost in your eyes, Zoe,” he smiled. He’d awaken me with gentle kisses on my neck and shoulders and poking me with his hard on letting me know he was in the mood again.

His obsession seemed to grow stronger every day and he was really working overtime to ensure a family would start between us. His naked body crowned mine and I could feel his throbbing excitement as he pressed against me.

“I love you Drake,” I sighed in passion as he slid inside of me. He was keeping a slow pace as our hips swayed together in rhythm. I watched his face as he became engulfed with desire. He pushed forward faster as my sounds of ecstasy increased. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms tighter around him, afraid of drifting away in this state of euphoria.

“Vincent!” I moaned as I opened my eyes.

Drake’s body altogether froze on top of me. “What did you just call me?” he asked, a sadness filling his face.

I pointed behind him and he followed my gaze.

“Vincent! What are you doing here?” he asked crawling off of me. I jumped up and ran for the bathroom.

Vincent’s eyes followed my naked body as I moved for cover. “Redirect your gaze Vincent before I do it for you!” Drake said stepping into his line of sight and pulling on a pair of boxers.

Vincent smirked, soon, he thought.

Drake glared at him angry and curious as to the thoughts he knew were of his wife. He was glad he couldn’t read him, because at this point, he’d not be able to control himself. The perversity the man must conceive.

“What do you want, Vincent?”

“I came to talk to Zo.”

“No, why are you standing in my bedroom?” Drake corrected. He walked over to the dresser to grab me a change of clothes before sticking them through the door.

I quickly put on the items and exited the bathroom.

“Zo,” Vincent said walking towards me. “I wanted to apologize for the way I spoke to you the other day. I’m sorry about my attitude. I just hope you can understand I wasn’t really thinking straight and I wasn’t angry with you. If I could I would have spared you from ever seeing me like that…”

“Vincent you broke into my house and interrupted…was this all you came to tell me?” I asked rubbing my neck a little embarrassed but more so upset.

He nodded but couldn’t hold back a small, menacing smile knowing full well what he’d done. He thought Drake should start learning to live without Zoe anyway. After a few days, she’d be his and he’d much prefer that Drake kept his hands off. The plans he was making for that beautiful body were unimaginable; unchartered territory he was anxious to explore.

“I should have called first, but I was also hoping you’d maybe babysit Vanessa again tonight. Sarah has been running around a lot more with Brad trying to get him adjusted to life outside of the hunting group, and I’ve needed to run a few errands that I just didn’t want Nessa around.”

“Of course we’ll watch her Vincent, but please no more surprise visits. I’ve had my fill with strange men intruding on my life via Zavier.”

“What she means to say Vincent is get the fuck out now,” Drake said shoving him towards the door. “Don’t ever come here like this again, Vincent, or you won’t like the man you find.”

Once he’d gone, Drake turned to me. The passion that was once burning endlessly inside of him had died down and anger had replaced it. “Are you hungry?” he asked with a sigh, walking towards me.

I nodded and waited for him to dress.

“Did you accomplish what you’d hoped?” Zavier asked as Vincent walked in behind him.

“As a matter of fact; thank you for the heads up, Zavier, those sentries really do come in handy,” Vincent grinned watching Drake and Zoe leave the house.

“I loved the way she said my name. I’m anxious to hear it again only next time, I want to be the one on top of her. How much longer am I going to have to wait for that?”

“Not much longer, Brother. I have everyone working around the clock for you. You’ll have her soon, and all the magic within that well of hers will be mine.”

“You know Vincent you can end the torment quicker yourself. I need the witch. She can be vital in ensuring what we want is secured.”

“And the others? They weren’t helpful?”

“They are, of course they are. So are the new bloods I feel being added to my family every day. But it’s the deal you made. Now it can be rewritten if you are not comfortable with it, I’d be more than happy to adjust for you. Either way we get what we want.”

“And if it’s rewritten?”

Zavier smirked.

“No, I’m not doing that Zavier.”

“Fine. Then get the other task done. You’re not the only one drawing bored.”

Drake and I fed and returned home; I called Sarah. I’d hoped to learn more about Brad and his family’s history. I’m sure the Andersons aren’t the only people hunting us.

“I’ve been curious about that too,” Drake said behind me. He’d read my thoughts and was waiting to hear Sarah’s reply.

…“Brad really hasn’t been forthcoming, so a lot of what I know I’ve read off of him. However, apparently there are several groups of hunters from his hometown that go on hunts like this. No one had ever actually encountered a vampire though…

“Where are they getting their info? Because the weapons they use are completely useless.”

…“The majority of it is all lore or what they’ve gleamed from movies and books. I have to get going, Brad’s coming over and we’re looking for a place for him…”she said, reluctant to tell her anything about what had occurred with Vincent.

“Talk to you later.”

“So basically there are amateur humans out there looking for vampires equipped with holy water and garlic, unaware that it’s not going to work?”

I nodded. “Meals on wheels.”

“We need to find the others and get them to talk.”

“The others? You mean the ones Vincent took from the apartment? You can’t really believe he left them alive. I’m sure they’ve been ripped to shreds by now. Sad to say, but with any luck maybe he tortured them for information first. Though I don’t see him thinking that far in advance; he’s more of an ‘ask questions later’ kind of guy.”

“Well however we do it; I want to know more about these so called Vampire Hunters. I don’t want something like this to blindside us again.”

Vincent drove Vanessa over; Drake was brooding in the living room, still livid from his interruption this morning. Their eyes met briefly before he handed me her bag. “Thank you again, Zo. I’ll try and be back within the next few hours. Please don’t let Sarah take her. I’m still a little sore on that right now.”

“That’s borderline kidnapping Vincent. I can’t keep a mother from her child!”

“Then I’ll hurry, I don’t want to make you do anything you aren’t comfortable with. But if she does come, can you try and stall her please?”

“I guess so.” He turned and rushed out. I saw him change to bat form before shutting the door. I wonder where he’s headed off to,” I said turning to Drake. “He’s flying. He left his car in the yard.”

“He’ll be lucky to come back and find that I didn’t smash his windows or slash his tires,” Drake thought aloud.

“Drake!” I smiled.

“Sorry. The guy just gets to me you know?”

I nodded. “So what do you want to do today?” he asked taking Vanessa from my arms.

“Well I was kind of hoping to go shopping for some furniture and maybe reorganizing the stuff piled in the garage. But since we have Nessa today, we’ll have to try something else.”

“Well, we could take her to the park or to the playground at the school or stay in and watch television.”

“Let’s stay in; I don’t’ know if she’d randomly try biting people and I don’t want to risk drawing attention for any possible hunters that may still be lurking in the city.”

“Good point.” He took a seat with Vanessa and turned on cartoons for her. “Look at that! What’s that Nessa?” he said watching with her.

Brad and Sarah pulled up to yet another apartment complex. “This is going to be the one!” Sarah remarked. “It already has a great look out here. I love the playground!”

They walked up to the apartment to check it out. There was a large platform leading to the back bedroom. The open floor plan in the studio apartment created enough space to spread in. “Very nice,” Brad said. “I can see myself living here; though I’ve never been a fan of studios.”

“Neither have I. They offer very little in the ways of privacy,” she smiled pulling him in for a kiss.

“Mmm I don’t mind walking around naked with you living with me,” he smiled.

“How very enticing, except of course considering Vanessa…”

He nodded. “Say no more. I get the picture.”

“Would asking you to christen the place be too forward?” he gripped her closer and gave her a seductive look.

“Now I don’t see that being a problem,” she smiled coyly. He kissed her again. They called the rental company to begin the paperwork.

They spent the next five hours moving in furniture and decorating his apartment. When they’d finished, he swooped her into his arms and laid her on the bed; grimacing as he lay on top of her.

“Brad are you…?”

“Still sore. My ribs feel as though an entire football team had tackle practice on them,” he shifted his weight to try and ease the pain a bit. “Enough about that, how about we break this place in?” he smiled, feeling her squirm beneath him.

He kissed her neck and she could feel him heating up. “Wait!” she yelled pushing him away.

He gave another look of disappointment. “I’m sorry. Do you have condoms? I’m not ready for another child,” she smiled weakly.

Brad sighed. “I understand.” He crawled off the bed and pulled her up, kissing her as she came to her feet.

“I should get going. I have to make sure Vanessa has her bottles. I only made enough for breakfast and lunch. She’ll get fussy if she isn’t fed on time.

“And in speaking of lunch?”

“Are you offering?” she asked.

He extended his arm and she happily agreed.

Vincent made it to Sunset Valley. The heat was starting to get to him and he dropped down behind a row of Small Apple trees. Smoke and embers were pouring off of him.

He waited in the shade for a few moments, watching the citizens and residents of this town going about their normal day. He saw a woman entering an alley near a book store and decided to follow.

He needed to feed; to heal from the damage of the raging sun. She heard the quick shuffling of feet behind her and jumped. “Excuse me sir, you scared me.” She tried walking around him, but he blocked her exit.

“Don’t move, don’t scream, I’ll try and be quick,” he said holding her gaze. He pressed her against the wall and ripped into the exposed skin on her neck. She squeezed her eyes tight. The pain was excruciating but he was far from done.

Vincent continued drinking until the singed flesh on his hands started to fade. Tasting her nearing the end, he pulled away and looked her in the eyes. “I hadn’t intended to drink so much, but I’ll finish so you won’t have to suffer.”

He smiled at her, “Ask me to drain your life, beg for it.” Tears began spilling from her eyes as she did as told.

He gripped her tender throat into his fangs again and drank every drop of blood in her veins.

Her body slumped to the ground. He picked her up and threw her into the dumpster nearby. Had he more time, he’d have given her a proper burial, some 20,000 feet to the ocean floor.

He followed the instructions Zavier had given him and came upon a white house that looked like the cover of a Martha Stewart magazine, Nausea edition; humans.

He shook off his prudence and pressed forward, deciding if he should ring the bell and compel them or wait for the residents to exit on their own and take what he needed. He stepped up on the porch. Meow, a stark black cat stretched at him before rubbing her head against his leg.

She sniffed him and became immediately agitated; hissing and arching her back. Her fur was ruffled and she began growling in a low and tense tone. He ignored her and peered into the window. He saw Jasmine running down the stairs and towards the backyard.

He went around the back of the house. As he approached the gate, the cat jumped and scratched his face. “FUCK!” he yelled as he pat his cheek. His fingers bloodied quick and he wiped his face to stop the flow.

Jasmine was on a swing set out back swaying to and fro oblivious to the predator lurking just in the shadows of her home.

That cat; that damned cat, had run over to her and was trying to get her attention. What is this? A feline version of Lassie? Jasmine looked in the direction Tabitha was pointing.

She stood from her swing, “Reveal,” she said waiting for her magics to work.

“Great!” Vincent said backing up further as the shadow began to disappear, uncovering his hiding place. Not seeing the result of her spell, she walked over to the corner.

Vincent was deciding to stay or run. He thought quickly and stood his ground.

“Vincent!” Jasmine exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”

He turned on his charm and let the lies reign. “Zo sent me. She wanted to make sure you and your familiar were getting along well,” he said realizing what the cat had to be; his history with witches taught him that much.

“Oh yes! Tabitha is great! She and I are becoming quick friends,” she called her over and let her know Vincent was a friend.”

“She scratched me a little bit ago. I think I scared her,” he smiled pointing to the now vanishing wound.

“Sorry Vincent. So how are Zoe and Drake?”

“They’re good. Zo’s watching my baby girl right now and I’ll have to get back soon before she tires of her. Is your Dad home?”

“No. He went to check on new locations for our next tour.”

“Does he leave you alone often?”

She nodded. “I’m a witch, Vincent!” she giggled. “I once called a large goblin into the middle of our Big Top because I was frustrated. You should have seen the damage he caused! My Dad was mad for a week!”

He feigned laughter and watched her as they continued to speak. What was he doing here? How could he have let Zavier use his affections for someone to even consider coming after a child? The temptation to do what was needed was great. But he hadn’t the heart to hurt her for his own gain and he had no idea what Zavier would force her to do.

“Well, I guess I should get back to the city. I’d hate to worry your Dad if he finds me here.”

He turned to leave, Tabitha walked up behind him making sure she was not in earshot of Jasmine. “I know who you work for! Zoe didn’t send you here. If you come here again, I’ll ensure your visit is an unpleasant one!”

Vincent glanced over her shoulder to check where Jasmine was before throwing Tabitha against the wall. “You keep your mouth shut. If Zo, if anyone hears about this, I’ll be back for you and trust me, my next visit WILL be unpleasant…for you.”

He could have compelled her, he should have compelled her. Maybe secretly he was hoping she’d talk. Tell Zo what he was up to and hope that she’d end the heartache he endured every day.

He ran behind a few trees before changing forms and flying back home.

Brad pulled out Sarah’s picture and thumbed the image before softly kissing it and putting it on the table near his bed. He loved her and hated himself for it. She was one of them. It hurt him to look at his reflection with the emotions he battled; the struggle between right and wrong, love and hate.

He ripped the wall from behind his bed and built a secret compartment just inside the piece behind his pillow. Sarah would kill him if she ever knew the truth.

He went through the chest of weapons anticipating the feeling of using any one of the items in his arsenal against another of those blood guzzling savages.

Her image caught his eye again and he gazed at it.

His Dad was right, he was weak. But then again, so was that old fool…flares, garlic and holy water. Brad was successful in telling the old man the lies he wanted to hear. The things that killed a vampire; Brad had always been the better hunter. Killed hundreds of them to prove his worth and for what? A father that was never appreciative or loving.

Brad smirked; he’d planned his execution and was happy watching it come to fruition. Killed by the very thing he hunted! How deliciously poetic; he knew those vampires would take them out. Though he’d planned for his death as well, a much better result occurred. He’d rid himself of those pathetic losers and could get back to his real mission.

Raymond created the monster stirring inside of Brad, the animal he had become. And now he had one of them bending at his will, drinking his spiked blood, reading the thoughts he wanted her to and doing what he needed to ensure they rid the world of these brutes. She’d love him as much as he needed. She’d make him whole again.

His phone rang and jerked him to reality. “What?” he barked into the receiver.

…“How’s it going in Bridgeport? We got word that your team was down! Is that true Brad…?

“Yes. But I took care of the ones that did it. I have a few more things to wrap up here before I head back, but trust me when I say; we’ve barely scratched the surface in this town.”

…“I’m sorry about your Father. He was a good man. I can send more hunters to you, just let me know how many you need!…”

“Don’t make a move until I tell you otherwise. I need time to get everything in order here.”

…“Of course Boss. Just say the word…”

He hung up and dropped the last of the weapons into the crate before stashing it back behind the wall. His first task: learning all he could about the older vampires.


12 responses to “S5: Chapter 13: Temptations

  1. Brad is crafty but I don’t think he fully realizes what he is up against. I really liked seeing the bat and the cat, I can’t get enough of these supernatural elements.

    • Thank you 😀 I love the idea of Vampire bats since in many lores now, it is rarely used. I was also considering adding a crow as a pet for the upcoming vampires…I love the Crow hunters! That would make some interesting story telling also.

      Brad is very sneaky. He fooled everyone into believing he had only met the one vampire and that he sucked at hunting when the entire time he was pulling the strings of the hunters with him as he ran his own Slayer group behind their backs. He hated being tied down by his family. He really did hate his dad as he described for taking his childhood and turning him into a killer.

      But now he is just playing with the cards he was dealt. Unfortunately for Sarah to cross his path; though he loves her, he has a struggle to be with her and there is no telling if that Vampire hating side will surface again to do her harm or not. But he still has to contend with Vincent and Zavier…they are far from done with him! You’re right he has no idea what he’s up against!

  2. 😉 ~ Brad is a sly one, & does indeed have a hidden agenda,but he truly does love Sarah,only trouble is,his need for her in his life to make him whole,contradicts his lifestyle,of the Vampire Hunter,The Boss, no less!(he has an Angel,Buffy thing going! 😉 )
    ~ Vincent,arrived at that, time, for the result he got! 🙂 he is getting bold, now he sees his wishes materializing in front of his eyes, he now is trying to keep Drake her husband away from Zoe,that is a very hard thing to achieve seeing Drake is trying to start a Family with Zoe!(& trying to prove he is the Man!!!!)
    ~ I wonder what Zavier,wanted Vincent to do at Jazz’s place, anouther scull perhaps? (As he would not be allowed to enter! It would have to be in the yard!)
    ~ I would worry about Brad if I was Zoe,he is dangerous!
    ~ Loved it! (“,)

    • LOL Angel/Buffy I can see that 😛 He is completely conflicted and we’ll see more of that next season…this was the last of this storyline for now (which was actually supposed to be contained wholly in 6 and beyond but I fuxxed with the chapters a bit). Brad used the vampires to get rid of everyone he thought was a ball and chain so he could freely do as he pleased without having to worry about following “Daddy’s orders” when clearly the man had no idea what he was doing!

      Vincent used Zavier’s sentries to spy, thanks to the “gift” Zavier had given him. Though I didn’t play on that as much as I wanted to, he has sight on her at all times now as well. Vincent would have a hard time keeping a married couple from their marital obligations! Though that won’t stop him from trying.

      Jasmine’s inclusion at this point is part of Vincent’s deal which will be better explained next chapter 😛 If this at any point becomes confusing please let me know because I changed a lot to try and fit with the Season 5 stuff since I had to move it from the next Season.

      Zoe has a lot to contend with lately and they would like more info on the hunters as well…though that again is going to be put off until later :-/

      Thank you!

  3. Brad Brad Brad… he could have and will get himself killed playing with Vincent! It makes sense to me now, the reason why Sarah is so damn quick to forgive. I just hate that she really feels for this douche nugget!
    Yo, I gasped when Zoe moaned “Vincent” and my heart beat so loud that it was hurting me!
    I DON’T like the idea of them using Jazz and the thought scares me to death! Poor baby has no idea what’s coming her way!

    • Brad is still learning about Vampires. He has yet to encounter an older vampire and saw his Dad attack Vincent and assumes that it’s just that easy…though his Dad didn’t just miss, there is more to that later on 😛 Which Brad will soon discover.

      And absolutely, Brad is poisoned his blood to prevent himself from being compelled by the vampires but it in a way acts as his own compulsion serum. He waited for the day Sarah drank from him…but he didn’t expect Vanessa to as well. She keeps going after him because they are becoming addicted. When Vincent learns of that, his head is going to decorate his wall!

      I was hoping for that reaction from the scene with Drake and Zoe lol I tried to make the text long enough so that one image was wholly on the screen so you couldn’t see Vincent standing in the next image LOL I got my BF too! It was hilarious! I got him with Jasmine’s home also! He didn’t immediately pick up on the cat then he saw her come down the stairs and gasped 😛 “Vincent’s after Jasmine!?” hahaha

      Vincent was sent to capture Jasmine so they could use her in their plot, but he hadn’t the heart considering he just had a daughter of his own. So he left her alone though he didn’t leave empty handed. He wouldn’t be able to stomach the thought of Jazz in that chamber, he didn’t want Zoe there. Anyone else I doubt he give a care about though. He is still the nice bad guy lol

  4. I wonder who Vinent’s going to bring back to Zavier, since he isn’t bringing Jazzy? Tabitha maybe? I’m glad he drew a line. I loves him so. *sigh

    Poor Drake – thinking she called him Vincent! I have a feeling that once Zoe’s not around, Drake is going to have a little chat with Vinny about walking in and not knocking! Lol!

    Brad…Getting Sarah & Nessa addicted to his blood! NOW I understand why they’re both so attached to him! NOW…he must DIE!!!!

    Great update!

    • Lol Vincent does have a soft side still…I love the good bad guy he is 😛 though he refused to hurt Jasmine, he did secure a small token that would assist with getting him what he wants…which may ultimately have grave consequences.

      I felt bad doing that to Drake but I knew it would get a reaction lol. There will be butting heads soon 🙂 He hates Vincent’s longing gazes and knowing that he cannot really do anything about stopping him.

      Brad is pretty crafty and has been able to trick them with his blood. The first time baby Nessa took a bite she kept going back for more and the first drop Sarah stole she too felt the “siren song”. Now the question lies in what will Brad do once they have completely become dependent on him? And trust your Vincent won’t stand for this once he learns the truth! He already wants him dead.

      Thank you!

  5. I knew something fishy was up with Brad. *shakes fist at Brad* Don’t you hurt Sarah or Vanessa. Now I wish Vincent would ave just killed him!

    • LOL he was trying to take care of Sarah and do for once something she asked and leave him be but he will definitely regret that decision!

  6. Brad loves Sarah, I have no doubt about that. Too bad his father created that monster in him. Can’t wait to see what happens

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