S5: Chapter 10: Behind the Music

“Vincent!” Sarah called. “Watch this!” she held Vanessa’s hand and watched as she tried walking to her.

“She’s growing quickly. She’s already trying to walk?”

“We are vampires Vincent, she has super health. I guess it encourages growth.”

“I haven’t seen that dress before.”

“I just bought it. I’m taking her to see Brad today and I wanted her to look extra beautiful.”

Vincent picked her up. “I don’t like him being around her.” He tossed her up to watch her laugh.

“Well she’s my daughter too and I will take her where I please,” Sarah took Nessa in her arms. “We have to go. I don’t want to be late. Say bye to Daddy.”

Sarah drove over to the park and found Brad, he was playing guitar for a gathering crowd.

She pulled out the blanket she’d brought and took a seat with Vanessa and watched.

He played 3 more songs before thanking his audience and joining Sarah.

“Hey beautiful,” he smiled. “You look great! Did you enjoy the show?”

“Yes it was wonderful. I can’t believe you haven’t recorded any of your music yet.”

“It’s a lot harder than it looks unfortunately for me. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve hounded record execs and radio DJs to get my demo played. I wish sometimes I had super powers like, I don’t know, mind control to get people to do what I want.”

Sarah shifted her weight. She was trying to figure out when to tell him; IF to tell him what they were. It had only been 8 weeks since they’d met, but she was into him and was sure he felt the same.

“So what’s in the basket?” he beamed opening the offering Sarah had prepared and laying it out on the blanket. His stomach growled with excitement. “Looks yummy!”

As he reached for a burger, Vanessa crawled over and bit him again. He jerked his hand back. “Ow! I guess she wanted that one!” he laughed it off trying to cover up the intense pain radiating in his hand.

“I’m so sorry Brad! Nessa no! Be nice! We talked about this! No biting people!”

Brad looked down at his hand, “If she keeps this up, my hand is going to look like a connect the dots activity game.”

Vanessa laughed watching him grimace in pain. “I think she has a bit of my blood on her cheek.”

Sarah picked her up to examine her face. The smell of Brad’s blood made her lip quiver. It was inviting; she wanted to taste it herself. Obviously Vanessa found satisfaction in the taste; she keeps going back for more.

She quickly wiped her off and sat back with Brad. Vincent’s words taunted her; she could compel him and have a taste, he’d never know.

“Are you ok, Sarah?” Brad asked seeing her lost in thought.

She nodded. “I’m fine, thank you.”

“It won’t stop bleeding; man she got me good that time. I’ll be right back,” he said heading to the men’s room.

Sarah noticed tiny drops of blood on the blanket. She dipped her finger in one of the spots and took a taste. One small taste won’t hurt, she thought.

She got a head rush of flavor. The blood danced on her taste buds, exciting her, she wanted more; she needed more. She picked Vanessa up and walked over to the men’s room.

She slipped inside and locked the door. She checked the stalls and found them empty. Brad was standing at the urinal with his back to her approach.

She waited for him to finish. He flushed and turned to see her. “Sarah!” he looked around nervously. “What’s going on? What are you doing in here?”

She sat Vanessa down and walked towards him.

“You wanted my blood too?” he asked watching her face.

She paused in her tracks. “What?” she asked, shocked by his words.

“My blood. You wanted a taste?” he moved closer to her as he spoke. “Here,” he said offering his wrist to her. “Go for it.”

She looked up at him before taking his arm and sinking her fangs in his soft flesh. He flinched a little and placed his hand on the back of her head, as she drank from him, he caressed her hair.

She pulled off and he smiled at her. “Do you see now why Vanessa keeps biting me?”

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her their first real kiss. She let his hands roam her body, his touch was tender and his lips were sweet.

He moaned with pleasure as he tasted her lips. He backed away slightly, his hands gripping her face and keeping her close. “I didn’t know how much longer you could wait.”

“How did you know?”

“I’d heard rumors about this town; everyone knows the ‘ghost stories and tall tales’. I was a non-believer until the day I met you and Vanessa bit me.” He raised his hand to caress the scar.

“The puncture wounds were snake-like, fangs. Then at the club, your skin was cold to the touch and you never warmed no matter how long I held you, yet you showed no signs of being cold. You were actually comfortable and I was freezing!” he teased.


“I’m fine with it. I really like you Sarah. And I’m happy knowing the air is cleared now.” He hugged her and she buried her face in his shoulder.

Zavier called for Vincent. The two had been meeting regularly lately.

“I was able to get what I needed from our friend, Vincent. Everything is on course.”

“Who is this ‘friend’ anyway? Anyone I know?”

“Why are you concerning yourselves with details? Is it not enough to know that we’re where we need to be?”

“If we’re going to be partners, ‘Brother’, I need to know everything, Zavier.”

“Fine. I’ll show you behind the curtains. But not right now. I have a beautiful lady fang calling my name,” he sipped the potion and headed off to find Lily.

Vincent got home and found Sarah sitting in the living room with Vanessa. He started towards them, stopped and smelled the air. “You fed on him! I knew it would happen. How’d you do it? Did you compel him and have your way? Or did he have to die?” he smiled satisfyingly to himself knowing his words influenced her actions.

“Neither actually. He offered himself to me!” she replied.


“Because he likes me, Vincent. It’s something people do when they have feelings for someone; not that you could understand the act of selfless giving!”

“Oh Sarah, your insults kill me. Please, I have feelings too,” he mocked placing his hand on his heart.

She glared at him. “What did I ever see in you?”

“I think it was more along the lines of what I could put in you; though it is quite the monster sight to behold as well!”

“You’re such a pig. Change your daughter, I’m going to shower. Being near you is making my skin crawl.”

Brad got back to the apartment. He placed his guitar next to the table and stretched.

“Did you confirm your suspicions?” a half naked woman asked slinking from the back bedroom.

“Yes. She’s a vampire; so is the kid.”

“Excellent! That’s even better news than expected,” an elder gentleman joined in. “Did your serenade reveal any more?”

Brad shook his head no. “Though I am 100% certain her ex is a vampire also. He’d have to be; the kid is not human at all.”

“Finally, after years of searching, we are rewarded.”

“Correction Father, I’m rewarded. I’ll deliver the ex, but Sarah and Vanessa are off limits!”

“Bradley! That’s not how this works. I told you not to develop feelings for that demon. She has to die, just like the rest of them. When are you seeing her again?”

“Tomorrow night, we’re having dinner together,” he said dejectedly.

The man placed his hands on Brad’s shoulders. “It’s what must be done, Son. Try and get her to talk about the others, I know there are more here. We need to find their nest and rid this place of all of those creatures.”

Brad nodded and walked forward. “Put on some clothes Cassidy,” he said pushing passed her to the bedroom.

Sarah brought Vanessa over to our new place I gave her the grand tour before she left. She’d asked me to babysit since Vincent has been in and out a lot lately and she had a date with Brad.

Vanessa practically jumped into Drake’s arms. I went and warmed up a bottle for her and watched as they played. He wants a child of his own so bad. I really hope Vincent’s taunting gesture about his fertility wasn’t accurate. It would break my heart.

I handed him the bottle and he fed her on the floor. She hungrily sucked down the contents. I turned to head back to the kitchen to clean up.

Drake ran up behind me and placed his hands on my waist. “After she’s in bed, I’d like to try again,” he smiled. He kissed my cheek and sat back with Vanessa.

After Vanessa was fed, he played with her a little more. I cleaned up the kitchen and moved her toys into her baby bag and sat it next to the door.

I heard Drake taking her upstairs to rest in the crib he’d fashioned for her.

“One baby, well fed and in bed,” he said wrapping his arms around me.

“Well in that case, Mr. Steele, I’ll meet you upstairs in a few minutes.” He kissed my cheek and ran up to the bedroom. I finished cleaning the living room and went upstairs and grabbed the bag I’d promised he’d learn about.

I watched Drake undress and dive into the bed. He pat a spot next to him for me to join him. “Be patient baby, I promise you’ll be rewarded.” I walked into the bathroom and pulled on the corset.

Drake had dimmed the lights and was anxiously waiting as I stepped out. “Ravage me!” I smiled.

In a flash he had me in his arms and on the bed.

“You look so beautiful,” he smiled as he kissed me. “Happy Valentine’s Mrs. Steele.”

“Happy Valentine’s, Drake.”

Brad asked Sarah to meet him at the park. He wanted a nice stroll before taking her to dinner. Dinner as though she’d eat anything. He had what she wanted; what she craved. The delicious crimson tide flowing and pumping within him would be her meal. Since their last date, it was all she could think about.

She found him leaning against the tree they’d picnicked under. He walked up and kissed her. “Ready to go?”

They walked through the park to a small café right along the river. “This is a great place. They have excellent…nevermind. I guess you don’t really eat food.”

“I can eat it. It just isn’t filling.” They sat and had dinner; Sarah ate a small salad while Brad enjoyed Stuffed Turkey. They made polite conversation and he called for the bill.

He took her closer to the shore and stopped. He offered himself to her again, she hastily accepted and fed. He took her hand and led her to the rocks just under the bridge.

“How did you become a vampire?”

“I was attacked by one in a nightclub.”

“Here? Which one?” he asked inquisitively.

“Plasma 501. I found the one that did it.”

“Where is he?”

“She; I killed her,” she replied shyly.

“You did?”

She nodded.

“You kill your own?”

“Well…yes. It’s not very different than a normal life except the blood cravings. Well, and the increased rage. Everyone is out for dominance; kill or be killed.”

“How many are there of you?”

“I don’t know. Thousands? There are tons in this city alone.”

“You can identify them?”

“Of course! It’s not hard to spot a vampire,” she smiled. “Why are you so interested?”

“I was just fascinated you know. Thank you for entertaining my curious nature.”

“It’s fine.”

“One last question, Vanessa’s dad, is he a vampire also?”

“Yes. He’s a really old vampire. Well not old like yucky wrinkly old but you know…age wise.”


“Now it’s my turn,” she smiled. Tell me more about you. Do you have a lot of family?”

“I’m an only child, but I do have cousins, aunts, uncles. My mom died, so now it’s mostly just me and my Dad Raymond.”

“Oh Brad I’m sorry to hear that. I lost my brother.”

He took her hand in his. “I have a cousin, Antonio that lives with me and his girlfriend Cassidy or whatever they are to each other. It changes a lot. My Dad and I have been travelling a lot, finally coming here. He is determined to see me through my dream. He believes my music is a life changer.”

“That’s great to hear. I wish I had something that drives me like that. And you’re really good too! I think you have what it takes.”

He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her into his lips. Despite strong words from his Father, he was falling for her; hard, and he knew there would be no coming back.


12 responses to “S5: Chapter 10: Behind the Music

  1. Oh hell no!! I hope Brad redeems himself cause right now he is making it onto my shit list! I thought it was sweet that he understood but that mf’er just lost all his cool points!
    Zavier’s “love” for Lily makes me laugh a little. He is so tough cookie when it comes to everyone else but when it comes to her, he’s a marshmallow!

    Brad’s dad can kick rocks! I’ll lose my mind if they hurt Sarah!
    Nessa does look like her father and it’s cute!
    I also love how Drake seemed so content with Nessa *wink*
    oh and the fact that he is determined to have a baby with her too.

    This was perfect for V-day! Wonderful job Daijah!

    • Brad has made it to my BFs too, and I think I may be on his list at the moment lol he made me promise that she would be happy though he hates the gushy romance he told me I screwed her over too much LOLOLOLOL ooops. To be honest I don’t really see much romance in my story it’s not my focus anyway so I guess that’s why I always hurt the characters

      Brad’s little secret was what brought the two together, I thought it would be interesting to have vampire hunters/slayers in the story after much consideration…running for so long it gets harder and harder creating new bad guys 😛 …anyway I digress…

      Zavier is scary to me, the fact that he can use and abuse women the way he does (kick the crap out of them with no remorse) but love Lily the way he does…I don’t like those kinds of people…though as he said he’d never raise a hand of anger towards her. Their fights always consist of him feeding on her instead.

      Raymond is a bit of a harda$$ when it comes to vampires and cares nothing for the “vile creatures”. Though something about this relationship father/son is a bit different than it appears which we’ll see in Chapter 13…I think that’s the right chapter…

      Drake really loves the cute little vampire baby and more than that he’d love to have one of his own!

  2. Oh man, Brad, what have you done…This will end badly, he doesn’t want to agitate the vampires. His side will lose badly. And I can’t believe he’d use Sarah like that. Somehow though it seems he’s starting to care for her more than he should.

    Every time I see Vincent, my heart just dances. I love his sarcasm, and his rough around the edge attitude. And the weird part is, I used to hate him, but these last few prompts have made me fall in love with him somehow. I hope you didn’t put a spell on me to love Vinny. I swear suddenly I’m head over heels in love with him. Zavier too. And Drake, he’s getting way too domesticated, I want to see his fire again.

    I don’t think I ever said this before, but Nessa is too cute. I love how you include her in the story. I have a feeling she’ll have a bigger role in the story as she grows up.

    • Brad does care for her MUCH more than he’d hoped he would. He wanted to help his Dad do what he felt was necessary but meeting Sarah has caused his feelings towards vampires to change a bit.

      LOL about Vincent! I know you used to completely hate him! HAHA It’s funny how he got to you 😛 Zavier and Vincent make the ultimate baddie duo! I love them together that I really don’t want to write a conclusion to it.

      Drake is domesticating himself a bit…his behavior has changed since putting that last ring on Zoe now he has a one track mind and that’s having a child with her. He is SUPER jealous of Vincent for that though he is trying to hide it…that’s why every chance he gets he is taking Zoe to his bed, he wants to prove that he is “man” enough for the job…Vincent’s teasing gets to him, like the comment he made about “seeing a real man” when he found him in bed the day his daughter was being born. But don’t worry, Drake will get back in the game soon!

      Nessa is a doll but a scary one to me lol Did you see the way she looked at Brad at the picnic?!?

  3. I hope Brad is able to restrain his father. This twist is very disconcerting.

  4. ~ Poor Sarah YET AGAIN!
    ~ Will she ever catch a break??????
    ~ (“,)

  5. No need to apologize, I am loving every minute of it!

  6. Brad’s such a sweet boy! But his dad is AWFUL! I really hope he betrays his father DDD: He loves Sarah, and Sarah likes him, WHY IS THE WORLD SO CRUEL?! QnQ

    • Brad is completely head over heels; love at first sight and all. He wants to do as his Dad wants but he also wants to have Sarah. He’ll find a hard time completing both tasks.

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